Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review

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Its time for my first impressions of the game along with the full review of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Now since I only played Pokemon Alpha Sapphire but will soon play Pokemon Omega Ruby but both the games are similar, so the review will apply for both to save time. Also take note that I have finished the game once and finished the Delta Episode right after that. First impressions will only cover up to earlier parts in the game.

First Impression

When I first inserted the cartridge and started the game I was greeted by the familiar remix of the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire intro with a similar intro video. Even this already got me excited to dive into the adventures this game has to offer. Most of the game’s storyline I’m familiar with as its similar to the GBA version. However, the upgraded 3D graphics and character models really bring out the beauty of everything in the Hoenn. Also the remix of the original game music makes travelling through Hoenn a real pleasure. The game itself  also brings out the fun in battling with great effects and music. The storyline has been made slightly easier for the first timers but for me it was somewhat helpful as compared to last time. For example, after defeating Team Aqua/Magma in Meteor Falls you would have to walk/cycle back to the Mt. Chimney but in the remake it brings you there automatically saving time and frustration for some people. So basically, my first impressions for this game(at the earlier stages of the game’s progress) is very positive.

First Impression’s Score: 8.5/10

Full Review:

First of all, the gameplay was undeniably the best of any Pokemon Fracnhise that I have ever played. The new improved graphics and music remixes really bring out the best of the Hoenn region as you traverse the region. Since I have already played Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald on an emulator when I was younger, I was already familiar with the storyline. The battle sequence is somewhat has better implementation compared to Pokemon X and Y but it was slight disappointment that you can’t customize your character. The way they brought in Mega Evolution into the storyline was also excellent due to the fact in the original game you met Steven after leaving Mauville City for Fortree City and receiving either Latias or Latios by completing a interesting side-quest. At this stage, you will notice a slight difference in the storyline and understand more about what were you playing back in the day. However, I noticed that gym leaders don’t have the full six-set Pokemon unlike back in the original game you had to put up with 6 Pokemon when facing the gym leader but I can understand they are most probably trying to build up the momentum. The Kyogre implementation is also excellent despite people reported bugs when you use an Escape Rope while inside the Cave of Origin, the event will not trigger and requires a restart of the entire game. The most interesting part is defeating the gym leaders, elite four and the champion was pretty much easy for the first time as most of them can be wiped out by over-levelling my Swampert and some other Pokemon. However I have yet to rebattle them again because I need to train my Pokemon due to higher levels and each Elite four can now wield mega-evolution something similar to Pokemon Black/White and Black/White 2. Now the most favourite even though a bit short in my opinion is the Delta Episode. After defeating the Hoenn League and watching credits(similar to Pokemon X and Y style with a battle with your rival May/??? , the Delta Episode will begin. Basically, its an event where a meteorite suddenly changed course to collide with our planet and guess who has to save the world? This is where the game introduces us to the character named Zinnia whose similar to N’s character from Pokemon Black/White. As you come out of your home, you will be greeted by her and basically like going from one place to another completing the puzzle of what both parties(Steven and Zinnia) are going to do in order to save the planet whilst realising your friends and foe lost their keystone. But I won’t talk about it too much as this story you must experience it for yourself in order to enjoy it. But what I like the most is the music for the delta episode, it is the best Pokemon Game Music that I have ever listened to.  So overall, this one of the best games of 2014 when it comes to adventure as this really brings out my childhood memories of how reckless I was playing back in the day with using only one Pokemon to sweep gyms throughout the Hoenn region. But now I’m more sensible, and understand more about the Pokemon game in general which makes me laugh at myself when looking back at myself a few years back when playing the GBA version. I would recommend this game to any existing Pokemon players or even for those who just started playing Pokemon. As might not know, Pokemon Sapphire was the first game that really got me interested in Pokemon. Its a must buy for any Pokemon fans this holiday season and with that I leave you with the final score of the game and some pictures of my favourite parts during the gameplay. It is the best Pokemon Remake I have ever played period.

Overall Score: 9.8/10

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Interesting review on ORAS. would give a 9/10 for realizing my childhood back then.