Free Update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming in Mid-February

Today we receive news from Nintendo that a free update (1.3.0) is coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The last update which was released a bit earlier than usual brought new quests to the game which I managed to complete most of them while trying to beat the main storyline.

With this new update, there would be a new gameplay mode which I assume would be a higher difficulty of the overall gameplay while retaining the existing stats and levels of characters that we travelled with. Also, the update is supposedly to fix issues with a certain quest in Chapter 7 caused by the last update which I haven’t experienced so far. Furthermore, it would explain why the game did not return to the title after completing the main storyline and when I tried to close the game, it would crash so hopefully it update fixes that as well. I may be making a video regarding the new update when it becomes available so make sure to check that out. So what do you think of the new update? Leave your responses in the comments below and I catch you later.

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