Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review – The Best SAO Game Ever Made So Far

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We are back with our full review of the 5th installment of the Sword Art Online Game Series. We have just finished the main storyline therefore the remaining episodes will be uploaded next week which will include all 3 endings including true ending. You may access the entire playthrough videos from our Games Management System at https://gaming.faizwebsite.com .

Let’s get the review started:

First of all, I’m definitely impressed with the overall gameplay experience. It maintains the balance between difficulty and playability therefore anyone can easily grasp the mechanics used in the game. The overall experience is a major revamp from previous SAO games while adapting to the Gun Gale Online(GGO) interface which is quite similar to the anime. The overall storyline of the game definitely blew my mind as it feels like you are part of the story experiencing all the twists and turns while making decisions that determine the outcome of the story(Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything). Let’s get into the good and the not so-good of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

The Good:

  • Revamp in overall cut-scene designs

In previous SAO games, we had static cut-scenes where we listen to character interaction over a static artwork. It was slightly improved in later SAO games with animated mouths and eyes. With the new SAO game, the cut-scene although have static background but now incorporates animated character model which makes the game feels more intuitive and realistic.

  • Ease of use of controls

Nothing much to comment here but overall the controls were simple and easy to grasp although if you are coming from previous SAO games be prepared to re-adjust as the controls are not the same as the previous SAO games. Also, the Assist Mode really helps first time users to properly target the enemy when out on the field.

  • Excellent storyline

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet storyline is one of my favourite storyline in the SAO game series. The storyline wasn’t ridiculously long but it did pack serious action and drama especially towards the end of the game. For those itching on a new epic adventure, you should definitely give this game a try.


The Not So Good:

  • Lack of Post-Game Content

Although the game does have a Season Pass with the first DLC being released in April 2018, I do believe a post-story is necessary to keep the flow the game continuous instead of asking the user whether to start over or go back in time. Don’t get me wrong, the back in time feature is really handy when you are aiming for all the 3 endings in the game especially the true ending. However, it would be nice to have post-story content after you have completed the main storyline which is common in most of the previous SAO games.

  • Handling of lengthy cutscenes

In many SAO games, we have many lengthy cut-scenes mainly because SAO games resemble actual SAO stories incorporated mainly from light novels and alternate story comics. In Accel World Vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight, they incorporated an auto-scrolling feature where the text will scroll automatically alongside the characters voice however this feature is absent from this game which meant the user had to constantly wait for the character to finish talking before pressing the button to move on to the next dialogue

Example of dialogue scene from Accel World Vs Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight with automatic scrolling:Example for dialogue scene from Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet:

Overall, this game is the best Sword Art Online games I have ever played period. It may not have the longest storyline compared to previous SAO games but the action and drama occurring in the storyline definitely makes up for it. The game is also a great introduction for those looking forward to the upcoming Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online releasing on April 7th. Finally, I would recommend for not only long-time hardcore SAO fans but for those who are new to the series to give the game a go as it is definitely worth it.

Our Score: 8.8/10

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