Microsoft E3 2018 Wrap-Up

Hi guys, today we will summarise most if not all of the announcements made at the Microsoft E3 2018. Here are some of the highlights at the event:

Next-Gen Xbox console in the works

I was taken back a bit when they made the announcement as they recently released the Xbox One X last year which pretty much put other consoles to shame in terms of specifications as well as the most expensive console you can get today. However, the Xbox is playing catch up with PlayStation in terms of the quality titles available on their platform. Also, Sony is also reported to be working on its next generation console “PlayStation 5” so it kind of make sense for Microsoft to make the call.

Getting more developers on-board the Xbox Platform

Microsoft is also opening more game studios as well as buying individual game studios which is a good strategy to bring more games to their platform in order to compete with Sony (Don’t ask why I didn’t add Nintendo to the mix. Obviously, their games are for a different market so its kinda of unfair to compare them against Sony and Microsoft.)

Of course they did announce a decent amount of games which are categorised into 2 categories:

Xbox One Enhanced Games:

Xbox One Games:

Overall, they got a pretty solid line-up of games slated for release throughout this year and next year. So which games are you looking forward to? Leave your response in the comments below. Next up, I will summarise Sony’s PlayStation E3 event.

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