Fall Season Anime 2021 Short Reviews

As promised, I have finally launched our short reviews page for the Fall Season Anime that I will be watching. Basically, I will watch the show as soon as it drops on the respective streaming platform and provide my opinions, impressions and anything else that comes to mind within 10-15 minutes after watching the simulcast. Due to some technical limitations of the comment platform, I’m unable to add separate comments under each episode for each simulcast. You may leave your comment either on the pinned Twitter post or comment section at the bottom of the page. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window:

19/10A very strong start to the series. Honestly, I was freaked out at the way exorcism was done which is different from other anime. Looking forward to see how the story plays out for both Mikado and Hiyakawa.
28/10We learn a bit more about this mysterious power. It seems like Mikado is mainly used as a tool for others in seeing and eliminating those ghost looking creatures. Also it seems Mikado is somewhat vulnerable to those creatures. The mystery deepens as the story progresses which further adds excitement.
38/10Mikado goes on to resolve more cases with Hiyakawa despite numerous warnings from various people. The mystery about Hiyakawa deepens as the story progresses. Hopefully all will be revealed later down the line.
49/10Awesome episode. Seems like we learned a bit about Hiyakawa after Mikado insists to learn more about him. Surprised that it took him that long to ask after being used for the past episodes. Nevertheless, when he reveals his inner core, it creeped me out a bit.
58/10Good episode. It seems like we are introduced to another character with similar power when Mikado was kidnapped to help out a person named Erika with her homework which kinda odd because why not just ask normally. Wonder how this will play out???
78/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikado help Erika as she also posses similar power as him. Now they have to find one more mysterious character. They are now starting to look like a team with their own unique powers. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
89/10Awesome episode. Looks like we are getting closer to the identity of the mysterious person. However something unexpected happened when Erika was digging around for some sensitive documents. Wonder how they will handle this?
98/10Awesome episode. It seems Mikado misread the situation between Hiyakawa and the mysterious guy resulting in him being transported again into that weird dimension. Seems like Hiyakawa is hiding something from Mikado. Let’s see how this will turn out.
109/10Awesome episode. I was shocked when the mysterious guy revealed that he was Mikado’s father as it had never crossed my mind throughout the series. Seems like he did something to Mikado and now their situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Let’s see how they will get out of this mess.
119/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikado manage to take down his father. Quite an interesting backstory for both Mikado and his father. Now its up to Mikado to save Hiyakawa. Can’t wait to see how this plays out…………..
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikado save Hiyakawa from the hate prison he created and accumulated over time. They seem much closer than ever after their ordeal despite Mikado tearing up their contract. Definitely enjoyed the journey which was filled mystery and suspense.


18/10First impression of the show that it looks like your typical horror show. Still leaves a lot of questions about her ability to see “those” things. I like how the Miko tries to be brave at first by ignoring them. Let’s see how she deals with it.
28/10I’m actually surprised Mieruko is still holding strong. Can’t imagine the mental stress just seeing those ghost wherever she goes. Wonder why she hasn’t told anyone about it. She was able to use her ability for good. Let’s how it plays out.
37/10Its starting to get a bit annoying that Miko is not telling anyone about seeing those creatures as well as trying to ignore them. I know for the fact she is trying to put on a brave face but she has to tell some one at some point. Let’s see how long she can hold out.
47/10Finally someone noticed her abnormal behavior. Still a bit annoying when she is trying to look tough in front of those ghosts. Hopefully someone will eventually help her out as I feel like she might finally break under the pressure.
57/10Good episode. We are introduced to another character that is able to see the monsters. However, Miko doesn’t seem to believe her when confronted. I just wish Miko would open up a bit about what she is going through(grrrr).
78/10Good episode. Glad to see Miko starting to open up towards Yuria as she begins to suspect that she can see them too in their recent trip. Let’s see how their relationship plays out.
87/10Good episode. Miko is still trying to hide her feelings from others whenever she sees those ghosts. However one such encounter led her to give solid advice which is kinda strange. I believe she is subconsciously using her power to help others. Hopefully she will figure out on how to control her powers.
97/10Good episode. Not much going on as Miko is still trying to act tough in order to hopefully ignore the ghosts as she sees them. Kinda funny seeing her actually laugh while inside a haunted house. I almost thought she has broken down under pressure from constantly seeing those ghosts.
107/10Good episode. We learn more about their teacher which appears to be abusing cats in his free time. Not sure how long Miko can hold on to her sanity as her reactions is starting to get old.
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like we finally learned the truth behind their teacher after he was hit by a car trying to save the cat. It turns he was actually saving the cats that were being abused which completely changed my perspective especially after learning about his childhood. Glad to see the misunderstanding was cleared up.
127/10Good episode. Such a strange way to end the series. Glad to see she is somewhat mentaly stronger. However we didn’t learn much about her power which was kinda disappointing as the story was too focused on her everyday life.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation 2nd Cour:

129/10All I can say is that I’m glad to be back and watching this series. Rudeus gaining that special ability was kinda impressive. He needs to have more faith in his party members as he is still trying to do things on his own. Can’t wait to see how he deals with the current problem.
137/10Good episode. Not much to comment on as the story has progressed a little bit however covers both Rudy’s party as well as Roxy’s party. Rudy still doing his best to restrain himself around women which makes me chuckle at times whenever he let’s it out a bit.
149/10Awesome episode. Rudeus battle was just breathtaking as he managed to save the village he was held captive which helped cleared up the confusion. However something unexpected is happening back at Eris’s home. This is getting more interesting.
158/10Good episode. Glad to see Rudeus on good terms with the people of the village. Kinda funny seeing Eris training the younger ones on combat battles but turned into an argument with one of them.
168/10Good episode. Seems like they are half-way through their journey. Quite a surprise when Rudy met his dad and learned his side of the story which caused both of them to argue at each other. The dad is right however Rudy is right too therefore we can’t blame either of them for what happened and how they dealt with it. Hopefully, they will work something out.
178/10Awesome episode. Such a heartwarming moment when Rudeus and his dad finally made up after their argument. I was quite surprised when his dad decide to help him on his journey. Can’t wait to see more of their adventures.
188/10Awesome episode. Such a heartwarming moment when Roxy finally made up with her parents. However it will prolly take some time before the rest of the people in her village to get used to her inability to speak telepathically.
198/10Awesome episode. Looks like Rudeus has found himself in trouble as he fell for a trap. The person he met seems related to a scene from a few episodes ago. Let’s see how Rudeus handles this situation.
208/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Rudeus resolving the matter with the help of his comrades as well as rescuing a couple more people that were imprisoned. Kinda funny seeing him aroused by the gift he received. The journey continues…………..
219/10Awesome episode. Such a sad moment when Rudeus’s party was attacked by Dragon God. Kinda strange that they healed his wound afterwards. Looks like Rudeus, Eris and Ruijerd will have to train more if they want to have any chance of defeating them.
228/10Awesome episode. Glad to see they manage to arrive at Rudeus’s hometown and thus they parted ways with Ruijerd which was a sad moment. As expected Eris was somewhat heartbroken when she learned what happened to her grandfather. Quite a shock when Eris decides to sleep with him and then leaves him behind as she sets off on her own journey. How will Rudeus handle this? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode……….
238/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Rudeus finally getting back on his feet after feeling depressed when Eris left him. Such a heartwarming moment to see the flashbacks of all the people that relied on him. Can’t wait to see more of his upcoming journey.

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside:

17/10This show reminds me a lot of Rising of the Shield Hero. However this show takes a different approach. The most notable part that stands out, is Red’s ability is somewhat familiar as it seems to be only good for support role. Let’s see how the story plays out for Red.
27/10For this episode I have mixed feelings after learning a bit more about Red during his time in the Hero’s party. Seems like Red and Rit have a lot in common. Kinda funny when Red finally realises Rit’s true intentions. The story so far has been very casual. Let’s see how it goes from here on out.
37/10Red and Rit begin working together to expand their Apothecary. I really enjoy watching their capabilities work in synergy in order to make their efforts a success. Somewhat feels relaxing whenever I watch this show. Let’s see how Red’s and Ruti’s development progresses.
47/10Good episode. Red and Rit continue to help the town’s people problems. Not much progression in the story. Overall, still a very casual and relaxing episode.
57/10Good episode. Not really surprised that more people will come along to convince Ruti to get back to adventuring. Glad to see Rit stand her ground. It seems like the Hero’s party is slowly falling apart with the absence of Red. Let’s see how long they can hold out.
67/10Good episode. Not much progress in the storyline for both Red and Hero’s party. Still mostly focuses on Red handling the town’s people issue. Hopefully there will be some major progression as the story is starting to feel stagnant but still nice to watch as it is very casual.
77/10Good episode. Looks like Red has another case to solve. It seems to cause a stir with the townspeople and the guards. Hopefully they can resolve the matter soon. Seems like Hero’s Party is starting to feel even more apart ever since Gideon left the party. Let’s see how long they can hold out.
87/10Good episode. Glad to see Red manage to resolve the case as it turns out Albert was the one behind it. I was surprised Albert formed a pact with a demon. Seems like Ruti was not happy about it either. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
98/10Good episode. Looks Ruti is starting slip slightly especially when she became dependent on the drug and was even willing to do anything to get more of it. Looks like their paths as crossed as she bumps into Red while trying to buy items. Quite a heartwarming moment when she ran towards Red upon making eye contact. Definitely she really misses him. Can’t wait to see what happens next……………….
108/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ruti finally express her true feeling to Gideon/Red and tries to convince him to rejoin the Hero’s Party but as expected Gideon refuses. She really does miss her elder brother however she does not tell him the problem she is facing during the time they were hanging out. Good to she is finally starting to opening up more to others about her true feelings during the bath with Rit and Tisse. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
118/10Good episode. Looks like Ares finally manages to meet Gideon. Not sure what happened to him as his face looks like someone who hasn’t slept for days. Also it seems Shisandan is trying to form a party with Ares after Ruti refuses to join Ares. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
129/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ares has finally met his fate after Gideon took him out. However he failed to realize Ares’s true plan which was to trigger Ruti Hero’s Blessing by having her make contact with the sword. Now she is out of control. How will be Gideon save his sister? Can’t wait to find out in next week’s final episode.
138/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Gideon bring Ruti back to her senses after she almost killed her friend while under influence of Hero’s Blessing. It seems the Hero’s Party has finally disbanded and they are now living normal lives although Ruti does carry out some Hero’s work. Quite a casual happy ending if I say so myself.

Scarlet Nexus:

158/10This episode is slightly different from the video game where they added and changed a few things but the outcome is still the same nonetheless. The scene where Nagi says his final words lacks emotional sentiment when compared to the video game. Let’s see how it fairs for Naomi in next week’s episode.
168/10This episode has more emotional sentiment. Slightly different from the video game but the outcome is the same nonetheless. Naomi dying is more sad in the anime as oppose to the video game.
178/10The Arahabaki Scene definitely played out a bit differently from the video game but dramatic in its own unique way. However, it did leave out the emotional reunion portion after Yuito regained his memories. Overall a solid episode indeed.
188/10Awesome episode. We finally get a filler episode which covers some aspects of the story that was not shown in the video game. Now we know what really transpired behind the scenes between Karen and Fubuki.
198/10Good episode. We finally get some more insight for the killing of Joe Sumeragi from Kagero that was not mentioned in the game. Kinda funny to see Kagero playing right into Yuito’s plan as he finally opens up and reveals the truth.
208/10Good episode. Slightly different from the video game for various scenes. Overall, it does cover that particular short chapter in the game. Its a shame they didn’t include the Baki doll, otherwise it would make the memory recall scene a bit more relatable.
218/10Good episode. We get to see some more scenes that weren’t included in the video game. Glad to see Wakana, Yuito and Kasane spend some quality time even though it was for a very short time. Let’s what else will be unveiled in Togetsu.
228/10Good episode. We get to see more scenes between Yuito and Kaito that wasn’t present in the video game. Quite a touching moment when Kaito actually tries to sacrifice himself only to be saved by Fubuki. Can’t wait to see their journey through the Sumeragi Tomb.
239/10Awesome episode. Karen’s brain field is a lot more intense than the video game especially when one Karen’s most painful memory was having an effect on the team. Can’t wait to see their battle with Karen………..
248/10Awesome episode. We get to see their battle with Karen from a slightly different perspective. Although its definitely different from the video game in almost every aspect especially when Karen utilize a brain field to show visions of the people that Yuito and Kasane cared the most which was not present in the video game. Kinda sad seeing Karen overly obsessed in trying to save Alice. Can’t wait to see the outcome of their battle.
258/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Fubuki step in to put a stop to Karen’s rage. After much coaxing, he finally decided to help. We get to see additional scenes during their mission to destroy the Kunad gate. Just like the video game, Karen sacrificed himself by traveling back in time to remove himself from existence.
268/10Awesome episode. Kinda of sad to see everyone forgot about Karen except for Kasane and Yuito. Most likely the side-effect after Karen time-travelled to remove his existence which affects non red-string users however it seems they are still subconsciously remembering Karen. Also I find it strange to see Yuito in a wheelchair. I can only speculate its due to sustained brain damage from using his psionic powers. Glad to see everyone having their own goals and dreams for the future. Can’t wait to see their future adventures if they ever decide to continue the series with a new season.

Platinum End:

19/10This show definitely reminds me a lot of Death Note just with a different approach. I must say its a lot darker than Death Note. Mirai definitely has an opposite personality from Light at first which makes it all the more interesting. Let’s see how the story plays out for Mirai.
28/10We are introduced with more characters with similar powers to Mirai. Definitely getting a lot of Death Notes vibes out of this show with more darker story. Can’t wait to see how Mirai handles this after learning he cannot just simply give back his power.
38/10This show is starting to get more interesting as Mirai “met” someone from his childhood who I assume had similar past experience during the entrance ceremony. Kinda hilarious when he was under the influence of the red arrow and his angel wasn’t even keeping an eye on him. Seems kinda odd for god candidates to be wearing mecha-like costumes as I was expecting something more god-like/spiritual-type(its hard to describe it). Let’s see how this plays out since all of them god candidates have been lured into a possible “trap”.
48/10My hunch was right as it seems the god candidates was lured into a trap. I could even say that this show is more darker than Death Note as the killings are happening in full view of the public. Still feel like mecha-like costumes for “god candidate” doesn’t fit the theme for this show. Can’t wait to see what Mirai will do.
58/10Good episode. Glad that Mirai managed to hold himself back from revealing that he was a god’s candidate. It was surprising when another god candidate reached out to Mirai and offered to work together and take down Metropoliman(a.k.a Kanade). Still feel a bit weird with those hero/mecha costumes being used to portray god candidates. Let’s see how many allies they are able to convince to join their cause.
68/10Good episode. It seems like Kanade is still trying to lure out other god candidates by any means possible. His desire for power starts to show which resembles a lot like Death Note. Seems like Mirai and Mukaidou have fallen for another one of Kanade’s trap. How will Mirai handle the situtation???
79/10Awesome episode. Looks like Mirai finally has the strength to fight Kanade however not for the reason most people are thinking about. Definitely something we haven’t seen up until now. Glad to see Mukaidou survive the blast from Kanade’s trap. Now that Mirai has seen Kanade’s face, will they be able to track him down????
88/10Good episode. Glad to see Saki finally expressing her true feelings for Mirai. We also got to see their families were once good friends. Let’s see how they are going to track down Kanade.
98/10Good episode. Looks like Kanade has made his move by using another god candidate to carry out the evil deed. Quite a heartbreaking moment when Mukaidou realized what happened. It seems like they are playing into one of Kanade’s trap again.
108/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Saki finally getting her wings after her angel was promoted to first-rank. Now she can finally help out Mirai and Mukaidou who are currently stuck inside a box in an abandoned theme park after attempting to rescue Mukaidou’s family. Looks like Kanade is relentless in his plan to take out the other god candidates. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
118/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Saki save Mirai, Mukaidou and his family from Kanade’s prison. The battle against Kanade and his cronies was pretty tense. At the very least Saki shot one of them with a Red arrow therefore has control over him. Can’t wait to see the outcome of the battle.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mirai was able to take out one of Kanade’s allies from releasing the deadly virus. Looks like Mukaidou might have finally reached his limit as he struggles to stand up. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode.

Visual Prison:

18/10This show at first looks a bit odd from the other idol anime I have watched in the past. Essentially it feels like idol anime but with vampire-like elements added to the mix. What really hooked me to this show was towards the end of the episode when Ange tried to sing. Can’t wait to see how story plays out for Ange.
28/10Another solid episode. We learn a bit more about Guiltia and his past which was quite interesting. Also it was quite a shock to me when Ange lost control of himself when Jack offered him blood but at least we now know why Ange fainted in the last episode. This is starting to get more interesting when Ange decides to take on singing despite being dhampir.
39/10Awesome episode. We have another character joining Visual Prison. I was just amazed that he was related to one of the members of Lost Eden. Their reunion was just breathtaking even though they somewhat broke the rules. I can see he has great potential being in Ange’s group after seeing them singing together.
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Robin and Eve join Ange’s group called OZ. Eve also had a particularly interesting background. Despite knowing this, Robin and Ange accepted Eve for who she was. Now we shall see whether Guiltia will join Ange’s group later down the line.
59/10Awesome episode. My heart was moved after learning about Guil’s history. Quite a tragic one if I do say so myself. Glad to see Ange bringing him back and eventually have Guil join Ange’s group, with a song of course. Can’t wait to see the OZ group perform in the upcoming festival.
69/10Awesome performance. Now I fully understand the concept of Visual Prison. This is definitely my first time experiencing this. Although I was expecting a completely new song for their performance but I enjoyed their performance and battle nonetheless. Let’s see how they fair in upcoming battles.
78/10Awesome episode. We get to learn about Saga and Mist from Lost Eden. Another heart wrenching back story. It was expressed further with duet by the two during the blackout of their surprise stream. Glad to see all the groups worked up to compete. Let’s see who will come out on top.
88/10Awesome episode. Quite funny to see Eve had a change in her other-self after eating ketchup which wreaked havoc at the resort where all the groups were rehearsing. Thankfully Ange is one who managed to get through to her. However what she says next about Ange’s parents being alive shocked me. Hopefully we do get to learn a bit more about Ange’s parents.
99/10Awesome episode. We learned a bit more Ange’s father and discovered that he was friends with Guil after the original Eclipse group was disbanded. We also learned that the Scarlet Moon punished Guil for his actions by slowly damaging his heart & body(thankfully Eve noticed something was amiss and managed to force him to reveal it) therefore he might not survive after the next Visual Prison. Kinda have mixed feelings about all of this. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode…………
109/10Awesome episode. Guil finally revealed the entire story when he was with Ange’s dad specifically during the accident where Guil tried to save his dad by offering to turn him into a vampire but he refused and insisted to save his wife. We now know that Guil was Ange’s vampire parent. Quite a heartbreaking moment for all the members of OZ when Guil’s heart finally fell apart after he tried to turn him into a full vampire however it was not enough. How will Ange and the rest of the OZ members overcome this tragedy before their Visual Prison debut???? Can’t wait to find out next week…………
118/10Awesome episode. We finally learned the true meaning behind Visual Prison. It seems Ange was able bring Guil back to life however it appears to only be present inside the Visual Prison. It turns out Guil was a doing a lot more for OZ behind the scenes. Can’t wait for their debut in next week’s final episode.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see OZ winning the Visual Prison with their breathtaking performance. It seems Ange used the Scarlet Tears to fix up Guil even though he had the option to drink it in order to become a full vampire. Quite a nice ending whereby a similar scenario to the first episode played out making a complete 360 story.

The Faraway Paladin:

17/10A good start to the story although not much context on why William ended up in that world(real world context or reincarnated world context) therefore raises a lot of questions. Looks like your typical reincarnation into another world type of anime. Will have to see how the story progresses in the upcoming episodes.
27/10We progressed a bit in the story. Felt quite casual while William was still training in a dungeon with one of her mentor. Nothing much to comment as it felt quite normal.
38/10Awesome episode. We finally learned the truth about Blood, Mary and Augustus. Currently have mixed feelings about it especially towards the end. The story is about to get more exciting. Let’s see how it plays out in next week’s episode.
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Will awaken to his true power and fight Stagnate as well as not give in to his tempting offer. Will he manage to save Blood and Mary??? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
58/10Good episode. Quite a sad moment seeing William parting with Blood and Mary. I suppose now his adventure truly begins. Can’t wait to see who will be his allies during his adventures.
68/10Awesome episode. Glad to see William gaining his first ally by unconventional means. I guess he has learned a lot from Blood and Mary. Can’t wait to see what challenges they face as their journey continues.
78/10Awesome episode. Glad to see William and Meneldor reclaim the village that was overtaken by demons. Can’t wait to see what new adventures await as they head out…………
7.57/10Not much to say about this since it is a recap episode however it started from odd point in the storyline.
88/10Good episode. Good to see William and Meneldor’s journey has been going smoothly. They even made new friends with a merchant traveler where they traded information as well as help each other out. Can’t wait to see more of their adventures.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see them make it to Whitesail city. However not everyone welcomed their presence specifically the priest. His behavior seems somewhat suspicious. Glad to see Wlliam and Meneldor defend the city from a surprise Wayern attack. However the prince was somewhat not happy about it and had suspicions about William’s origins. I can only suspect William beat him to it when defending the city earlier. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
108/10Awesome episode. Glad to see the William receive the blessing as well as being declared a knight by the prince. As a result a lot of people were willing take up the quest despite not the high reward. Can’t wait to see their adventures to take down the demon unfold.
118/10Awesome episode. Quite sad to see William blaming himself after the entire search party was almost wiped out as they fell for a trap while on a rescue mission. Not sure what where he went but Meneldor felt something was amiss. Can’t wait for next week’s final episode.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see William and Menel defeat the Chimera however they were beaten to the punch by their guild members when it comes to defeating the Demon Beasts. Something about their battle feels off. Good to see everything work out. Can’t wait for next season.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Arc:

19/10A strong start to the series. The events in this episode helped filled up the gaps in the movie which is no surprise. Once again, the battles and the bonds forged afterwards was just beautiful to witness. Not sure whether I will end up crying at the end of this series.
27/10Nothing much to say about this week’s episode. Its pretty much lifted exactly from the movie however still exciting nonetheless.
37/10Nothing much to say about this week’s episode as it is pretty much the same as the movie itself with a few additional scenes.
58/10Nothing much to comment about this episode as it is basically 1:1 from the movie with the exception of the shorts at the end.
68/10Also nothing much to comment here as its basically 1:1 from the movie.
78/10Nothing much to comment on here as it is exactly from the movie. Quite a sad moment when Rengoku was saying his final words before passing away.

Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD:

19/10Quite a brutal start to the episode which reveals what to expect throughout the series as well as gives the episode a strong start. The battle was cool however I can see something in the new recruit, Shigure Daniel Kai that stands out from the rest of the platoon members during the 2nd battle. Also, this term “sleeper” has left me with a lot of questions. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses.
28/10Good episode. Still not much explanation about the term “sleeper”. I wonder who is the person with the high Randolph Syndrome reading. Could it be related to the special mission assigned to Shigure??? The mystery deepens. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
38/10Awesome episode. We learn a bit more about Larry’s personality which I find a bit disturbing but at the same time kinda funny however its a good thing Shigeure is keeping him in check. Also, we finally see the details of the special mission assigned to Shigure and my prediction was completely wrong. This story is definitely getting more interesting as we learn more about Asylum. Can’t wait to see how Shigure handles the special mission.
48/10Awesome episode. We learn a bit more about Leslie and her past. It seems like the past has finally caught up with her where we are introduced with two more characters. My theory is they are from another organisation going after that mysterious girl in Asylum. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
58/10A nice and casual episode. Now we know why Shigure felt so awkward around Kobato. Seems like they both knew each other before becoming “Sleepers”. Looks like Leslie’s plan to get them to express their feelings worked better than expected. Let’s see how they fair for upcoming event in Asylum.
69/10Awesome episode. We finally get started on the mission for so-called event in Asylum. As expected, the secret mission carried out by Leslie and Shigure did not go as planned as they were confronted by enemy from previous episode therefore forced to escape. The built up momentum so far has been awesome as their escape also did not go as planned. Can’t wait to see what happens next………….
78/10Good episode. Looks our worst fears is finally realized as it turns out Leslie did die during the escape after falling into the abyss. Quite a sad moment for the platoon as there is no one to lead them. During their next mission, we get to see a Shigure taking the role of Leslie when trying to find the sniper’s location which is quite impressive. The journey has been exciting so far. Let’s what else is in store for our platoon……………..
88/10Good episode. It seems Vera is hiding something from her platoon as evident when Shigure began deciphering the note that was given by Leslie prior to her death. It turns out Shigure discovered a Leslie’s notebook where it contains all the investigation done Leslie towards Commander Vera. Can’t wait to see what is the secrets that Shigure unearthed.
98/10Good episode. Shigure is definitely hiding something from the rest of the platoon which turns out to be Leslie’s diary where he learned about Commander Vera as well as secretly sneaking out to Aslyum. I’m just amazed he was able to do all that still make it back in time for the BBQ which they somewhat forced the commander to attend. I was shocked when Vera decided to remove Shigure from the platoon but at the same time was not surprised given Shigure’s personality which has resulted in platoon members getting closer together. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the platoon members will react to this.
109/10Awesome episode. As expected the rest of the platoon tried to figure out what was Shigure’s actual mission during their farewell party. No surprise he actually came back to save his commander and platoon. Quite a shock that time suddenly repeated itself after he got shot by the monster after arriving a little too late in Asylum. Can’t wait to see what he will do next.
119/10Awesome episode. Quite intriguing to see Shigure being stuck in a time loop. I suspect this is what the commander and Leslie experienced throughout their time before the losing the ability. Can’t wait to see if Shigure can utilize the ability to save El-Cee and his platoon.
129/10Awesome battle. Glad to see they managed to turn things around and defeat the monster. What blew my mind even more is when we found the commander was the older-self of El-Cee while Shigure was a younger of version of himself. Kinda sad to see Shigure disappear after defeating the monster. This is prolly one of the most confusing episodes in the entire series as I was caught off guard at every turn. The character that appears at the end is related to the mobile game that was released alongside the simulcast however it appears to be a continuation from the anime. I can see potential for this series to have another season. Can’t wait for any future announcement for this series.


17/10Good episode. It took me a few reruns to fully understand what was going on. Kinda funny to see Takt so obsessed with music specifically the piano up until the point they caused chaos for Anna as well as the area they are visiting. Can’t wait to see what else lies in store for them.
27/10Good episode. It seems Takt is opening up as he participated in the Music Carnival. As usual it didn’t turn out well due to D2 attack. Seems like Cosette was badly injured however managed to be saved due to power emanating from the necklace she was wearing. Let’s how they will manage.
37/10Good episode. Now we learned that Cosette was reborn as a Musicart called Destiny during the incident which was quite a sad moment especially for Anna. However it seems Takt does not have control over Destiny as she just waltz off whenever she sensed D2s nearby. Seems like Destiny is also draining Takt of his life force whenever she fights the D2.
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Takt and Destiny finally master the basics of being a conductor during a special lesson by Lenny which uncovered a hidden secret of the casino in Las Vegas. Can’t wait to see them grow in their journey to New York.
57/10Good episode. It seems like they ran into trouble as they made their way to New Orleans. We meet another member of Symphonica organization which offered a ride to Houston. Glad to see Takt and Destiny improved in coordinating their attacks. Something about the head commander of Symphonica bothers me though. Let’s what else is in store for them since he refuses to take up his offer to work for him.
67/10Good episode. We take a breather from all those D2s. Takt ended up in a bar with people who admired his dad while Destiny and Anna ended up at an old lady’s house. Glad to see they managed to help out and inspire the people of the town. Such a heartwarming moment indeed. The journey continues………..
78/10Good episode. Good to see Takt and Destiny finally understanding each other. Also we now see the true colors of Head Commander for Symphonica as we learned that he caused the death of Cosette. My guess is he really hates Takt or his dad. Can’t wait to see what else is revealed.
88/10Awesome episode. Looks like Takt and Destiny are finally in sync with each other. Glad to see the Grand Maestro take action against the Head Commander for disobeying his order. However we might not see the last of him. The journey continues………..
98/10Good episode. After a long journey, they have finally made it to New York. Quite a heartbreaking moment when Anna’s sister revealed what was going on between Takt and Destiny. Can’t wait to see the truth behind Takt’s father death as well as the secret of Symphonica organization.
109/10Awesome episode. We find out the real culprit behind the person controlling the D2s as well as Lenny’s close ties with Takt’s father. Takt and Lenny’s battle was quite breathtaking however Lenny was badly injured trying to save Takt after Destiny’s power finally reached the limit for Takt’s body. Can’t wait to see how the story will unfold.
118/10Awesome episode. It seems the Symphonica organization has finally revealed its true colors. Not sure what happened to Lenny as we see Takt taking charge of the battle with Titan which was quite exciting. I’m surprised he is still holding up despite the damage to his body. Can’t wait to see their battle against Orpehus.
129/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Takt and Destiny defeat Sagan although no real battle took place other than with Orpehus. However kinda sad to see Takt ending up in cold sleep while the figure out how to treat him therefore its both a happy and sad ending to the series.

Tsukipro The Animation 2:

98/10Good episode. Glad to see Issei and Shu working hard in order to make film shooting a success. Good to see them getting support from their friends as well as their rivals when they hit their own roadblocks and subsequently overcoming them.
109/10Awesome episode. Kinda funny seeing the COOLASH band argue over trivial matters. It was even funnier when their leader thought some of his band members are quitting for pursue their own dreams and requested help from SOARA to join in their Disbandment Performance. Enjoyed both of the band’s performance nonetheless.
117/10Good episode. Seems like Rikka and Dai was paired up to learn about flower arrangements for a magazine article. Glad to see they learn more about each other as well as express themselves during the flower arrangement.
128/10Good episode. Kinda funny seeing Sora and Mamoru panicking about the deadline in the midst of improving their song for the upcoming Summer Carnival. So far enjoyed the journey leading up until now. Can’t wait for next week’s final episode where we will see their performance.
138/10Good episode. Enjoyed their performance overall. For their last performance, it was quite a nice touch when all four of group leaders took turns to play the piano at the beginning. Nonetheless, their journey and songs has been very inspiring.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc:

19/10Awesome episode. Kinda unfortunate that we were not able to learn about the origins of Hinokami Kagura from Rengoku’s family. Also something about Tengen’s personality bothers me. Can’t wait to see how their infiltration mission turns out.
28/10Good episode. Quite funny seeing the trio being disguised as ladies in order to infiltrate the Entertainment District as well as finding Tengen’s 3 wives. Not surprised that Inosuke managed to fit in perfectly because of his feminine looking face while Zenitsu had some issues adapting. Looks like Inosuke has stumbled upon something. Can’t wait to see what he finds………
39/10Awesome episode. Looks like Zenitsu and Inosuke are in hot pursuit of the demons with Inosuke almost finding one of Tengen’s wife. I feel like only one demon is involved behind all these unusual sucides. The situation is getting intense and dangerous. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
48/10Awesome episode. Looks like Tanjiro has encountered the demon responsible for the disappearances. Quite scary when the first hit from the upon rank demon almost knocked him out. Hopefully someone will come to Tanjiro’s aid in his battle against the upper rank demon. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
58/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Tengen managed to rescue his wives after Inosuke found the Demon’s hideout. Similar to Mugen Train, it appears the demon fuses some part of her body with the cloth. Hopefully Tanjiro can hold out a bit longer until Tengen and the rest of his friends can join him. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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