Winter Season Anime 2022 Short Reviews

Our short reviews page for the Winter Season Anime that I will be watching is now live. Basically, I will watch the show as soon as it drops on the respective streaming platform(Refer to my Winter Season Anime 2022 Selections page) and provide my opinions, impressions and anything else that comes to mind within 10-15 minutes* after watching the simulcast. Due to some technical limitations of the comment platform, I’m unable to add separate comments under each episode for each simulcast. You may leave your comment either on the pinned Twitter post or comment section at the bottom of the page. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly.

Tokyo 24th Ward:

19/10Awesome episode. I haven’t seen such introduction to a series in a while. Glad to see Ran, Kouki and Shuuta managed to prevent a disaster from happening. I’m still quite curious about who was communicating with those three and where they suddenly got their powers after receiving that call. Hopefully they will be able to unravel the mystery which will bring closure to Shuuta who seems to be unable to move on after a past incident.
28/10Good episode. We learn more about the trio’s past which was quite interesting. It seems Asumi must have meant a lot for them back in the day. Wonder what Sakaki is up to? The mystery deepens. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
39/10Awesome episode. I was emotionally torn when RGB was not able to save everyone from that unexpected event during the festival despite receiving that mysterious phone call from “Asumi”. Later we learned that abnormal weather was not a natural occurrence with the appearance of a villain. How will RGB handle this???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
48/10Awesome episode. It seems like business as usual for Ran, Kouki and Shuuta after that incident in the previous episode. We also learn more about Ran as Shuuta was going after Kozue. They received a call from ”Asumi” for another upcoming incident however to Ran’s surprise, the perpetrator was actually one of his gang members, Kunai which was quite shocking. How will Ran handle this???? Another thing that stands out, is the fact Kunai seems to be under the same “effect” as Ran, Kouki and Shuuta so perhaps someone is pulling strings behind the scenes. Perhaps related to that mysterious video broadcast with that weird logo. The mystery deepens…………..
58/10Awesome episode. Sad to see Ran lose his friend, Kunai from the incident. Despite Ran’s efforts to cover for Kunai, Kouki found out anyways and took action before Kunai can remotely detonate the bomb that was onboard the ship. From what was revealed, it turns out he was affected by the modified version of the app that he sold rights to in order get the money to help his mother’s worsening condition which really grinds my gears as Kunai was being exploited. The mystery slowly unravels about the hidden project. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to learn more.
68/10Awesome episode. The secret is finally revealed behind Kouki Dad’s project and it turns out Asumi’s body was being used as the core of the system which in my opinion is both upsetting, terrifying and cruel. Currently feeling frustrated that Kouki gave up info on his friend, Ran. Seems like RGB is slowly falling apart. Will they be able to work together again as friends?????
77/10Good episode. It seems that Kouki, Ran and Shuta have gone their separate ways after the recent incident. I’m surprised Kouki was not fazed by the fact Asumi’s was used in the KANAE system. Kinda funny seeing Shuta overthinking stuff while trying to perfect making the Sunshine bread. Hopefully Kouki, Ran and Shuta will be reunited once more.
89/10Awesome episode. Now we know who is behind the mysterious villain who calls themselves Carneades, it was Tsuzuragawa. She finally reveals everything to Koki regarding a flaw with KANAE system and how she covered it up which I find very irresponsible. Glad to see Shuta managed to save her after she was struck by lightning as envisioned by the trio when they received the call from Asumi. Koki’s dad seems determined to get the KANAE system fully online. Currently have mixed feelings after watching the episode. However I do hope they put an end to the KANAE system before it goes out of control.
98/10Awesome episode. Now everything starts to make sense after we learned about how the KANAE came to be. Koki’s dad seemed pretty determined to get the KANAE system up and running especially after his wife and Asumi were killed. I was actually surprised that he was willing to use Asumi’s brain to be the core of KANAE system in an attempt to save her. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
9.5N/A[Recap episode]
108/10Awesome episode. Looks like more people are against the KANAE system especially DoRed supporters as the mayor is starting to oppress the residents of Shantytown by evicting them. Shuta finally learns about the KANAE system from Tsuzuragawa which left him shocked but also frustrated. I would be angry too if someone would do something as inhumane for the sake of ”justice” or ”crime prevention”. What will the trio do in order to save Asumi???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
118/10Awesome episode. Now we learn that Shu felt guilty for causing the fire which killed Asumi by the means of ignoring a small element that caught his attention while they were revitalizing the old school. Glad to see the trio finally expressing their true feelings by taking it out on each other. Good to see they finally came into an agreement afterwards. Will they be able to do the right thing for Asumi???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. Glad to see the trio finally manage to meet Asumi despite the various obstacles thrown at them by Asumi. Such a heartwarming moment when Asumi, Shuta, Ran and Koki expressed their feelings with everyone watching via a live feed before Asumi disappeared forever. It just shows that you cannot simply put a human brain for an autonomous system to proactively detect and prevent crimes without having any side-effects. Good to see their interactions with Asumi moved everyone’s heart in the Tokyo 24th Ward including the mayor. The most happy moment is after their encounter with Asumi was Shuta is finally able to move on with his life.

Platinum End:

139/10Awesome episode. We now know the full story behind Kanade’s resolve which was quite extreme. This is shown when people were divided after Kanade broadcast the battle. Quite tense seeing them playing Russian roulette with their arrows. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.
149/10Awesome episode. Glad to see they managed to defeat Kanade however this came at the expense of Mukaido’s health. The question is who shot Kanade with a red arrow and who will receive all of his rings and arrows???? Such a sad moment when Mukaido finally succumbs to his cancer. Let’s see how Mirai handles it.
158/10Awesome episode. Now we know that Kanade was being controlled by a Red arrow of another god candidate however we can’t sure whether it was from the very beginning or at a certain point in time. Kinda embarrassing seeing the great Kanade being shot by a kid, Susumu. The fact he now has eyes for Mirai after revealing he was a god candidate in front of the media. How will Mirai and Sakaki handle this situation? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
168/10Awesome episode. Looks like the government has begun hunting for the God candidates along with the rest of the world which is kinda scary. Mirai and Sakaki was approached by mysterious person who claims he is opposing government’s orders and offers to the help them however I’m still suspicious even after those two started to trust them because anything can happen. Who is the other mysterious god candidate hunting other god candidates???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
177/10Good episode. Glad to see Mirai was able to convince another god candidate to join them. Although he seems to be more interested in committing suicide than Mirai. One more god candidate remains unidentified. Will they be able to find the last god candidate before the government???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
188/10Awesome episode. The final god candidate is finally revealed however I didn’t expect it to be a professor who apparently has direct connections to the Japanese Prime Minister. Will he agree with the proposed god candidate????
198/10Awesome episode. Looks like the final god candidate has joined in the discussion which shocked everyone. We listen to his theories which surprised the other god candidates and it seems to cause some disagreement between them. Quite a shock to see snipers positioned to shoot each of the god candidates but not sure who is ordering them. The situation became tense when they started firing after being spotted by one of the candidates. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
207/10Good episode. Glad to see the rest of the god candidates escape the gunfire however one was shot dead. It seems like other countries are getting involved in hopes of using the god candidates for their own agenda. We learn a bit more about the professor’s past. Honestly I’m not sure what to make of it. Let’s see how they resolve the situation after being forced into hiding again.
218/10Awesome episode. Looks like the professor has taken over the entire Japanese government with his red arrows and determined to kill all the god candidates including himself at their next meeting place. Quite grueling seeing all the tests he conducted using his arrows. So now it comes down to who’s ideals will prevail. Will it be the professor’s ideal or Mirai’s ideals? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
228/10Awesome episode. Looks like Mirai has ended up in another Russian roulette situation after talks with the professor failed. Honestly I’m not that surprised given the way the professor was determined with his ideals. Who will come up on top, will it be Mirai or the professor???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
238/10Awesome episode What a twist of events that took place. However it wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be. In the end, Shuji ended up becoming god candidate. However something strange happened to ”god” after Yuji was absorbed. I can only speculate that it was Shuji’s desire to die when we first met him. Can’t wait for next week’s final episode.
247/10Good episode. Glad to see Saki and Mirai getting married and opening up a flower shop together. As I suspected, Shuji’s will when he fused with ”god” caused “god” to kill himself thus ending the world by means of every human just simply vanishing which is kinda of an odd way to end the series.

Requiem of the Rose King:

18/10Awesome episode. Quite an interesting way to start off the series. Seems like something is going on between Henry and Richard. Perhaps they share something in common. Can’t wait to learn more as the series progresses.
28/10Awesome episode. The story is starting to get a bit tricky to follow along. One thing is certain, that Henry has taken a liking towards Richard. However it seems Richard doesn’t feel the same way. His mother really doesn’t like him and she seems to do almost anything to prevent Richard from joining his father on the battlefield. How will Richard handle himself after being ambushed while he was exploring an abandoned house? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. Looks like Richard’s dad died during the battle to reclaim the throne. However his son Edward was able to turn the tables and won the battle for House of York thus making him the King. Seems like there is some hidden agenda by Elizabeth. Will her plan succeed???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
49/10Awesome episode. Looks like Richard and Henry are getting closer and closer in terms of their relationship even though both have their own barriers. Not sure if they can actually be together since Henry is from the House of Lancaster while Richard is from the House of York. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
58/10Awesome episode. Seems like Warwick is doing everything to dethrone King Edward(House of York) after he defied the proposed marriage arrangements. However King Edward(House of York) is not aware of hidden agenda of his new wife which is making me kinda worried. Unfortunately Richard overheard the conversation between Anne and Warwick which defied his belief that Anne was truly in love with him. What will he do after overhearing Warwick’s plan?????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
68/10Good episode. Looks like Edward(House of York) is finally captured by Warwick during his quest to retake the throne. Now he is after both Edward’s(House of York) wife as well as Richard. It seems like a complete mess these family conflicts which is quite disturbing. It seems like its up to Richard to sort out this mess. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
77/10Good episode. Glad to see Richard managed to rescue Edward(House of York) from Warwick’s custody. Quite surprising that the prince from house of Lancaster helped with Richard’s plan. However it seems Warwick had a backup plan after learning George was not willing to kill Edward(House of York). Can’t wait to see what happens next.
88/10Awesome episode. It seems Henry is really uncomfortable becoming the king up until a point where he fainted during dinner. He left the authority to Warwick as he went on a pilgrimage where he met up with Richard who was injured. Glad to see both of them spend more time with each other. We learn a bit more about Henry’s past which seems kinda sad. Quite a shocker when Richard suddenly started having feelings for Henry after listening to Henry’s story. Can’t wait to see their relationship grow……
97/10Good episode. It looks like the conflict is escalating between Warwick, Edward and House of Lancaster. Henry seems to be really down without Richard but little does he know that Richard is out to kill him. Will Richard be able to kill Henry????
108/10Awesome episode. Looks like Warwick was killed by Duke Buckingham. Henry continues to deal with ordeal of being the king. Despite Richard going with his father’s calling he is still unable to kill Henry who was now captured by the House of York. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. Looks like the House of Lancaster has finally fallen with the capture of their queen. What was more shocking that Edward ignored her orders to escape and ended up being killed right in front of her after being captured. Not sure how Richard felt since Edward did confesses his love for Richard. What will happen to the queen from House of Lancaster after she was spared from being killed????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
128/10Awesome episode. Looks like Henry finally realizes who Richard really is. Quite a sad moment seeing Richard stabbing Henry after their love failed to take off. However I’m not sure whether he actually killed him. It turns out it was all for his love for Anne however she doesn’t feel the same way. How will things turn out????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode(new cour) to find out……..

Futsal Boys!!!!!:

18/10Good episode. Quite amusing seeing how the team came together. They are not even official club members and they are already ending up in a match. It seems teamwork is prolly one of biggest challenge for the Koyo Futsal club. Can’t wait to see how their journey goes.
28/10Good episode. Sakaki and Yamato reminds a lot of Hinata and Kageyama from Haikyu with their similar personalities. Kinda strange that every other school seems to be picking a fight with Koyo Gakuen. However the attention seems to be directed towards their captain which I suspect is related to his past when he was part of the U-18 team. Can’t wait to learn more about his past as the series progresses.
38/10Good episode. Sakaki seems to be struggling getting used to being a play-caller. We also learned a bit about Taiga and Ryu’s history back in middle school which result in Taiga quitting Futsal altogether. Now we know why Taiga refuse to join the team. As expected, the team is struggling with Adalbert during their first match in the Fresh Cup. Will they be able to hang in there????
49/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Taiga join in as a goalie. Despite they manage to turn around the score, they still lost at the end. Good to see everyone put up a great fight against Adalbert. I find it amusing that Haru remained positive despite losing the match which managed to uplift the team’s spirit. Can’t wait to see them grow in the coming episodes………
58/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ryu trying to help Sakaki and Haru be in sync however it didn’t help much. The accidental meetup with his idol Tenoji didn’t turn out well as he mocked Haru for not being on par with his dad which brought back memories as well as breaking his spirit. I feel very sorry for Haru and frustrated at Sakaki for failing to read the situation. Will Haru be able to get back on his feet????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
67/10Good episode. Glad to see Tsiuoka taking note of Haru’s situation. Feel sorry for Haru after he got beaten down like that. Honestly, I don’t think his dad abandoned him but most likely going further in his career. Sakaki finally gets the memo after being prodded by both Ryu and Taiga. Good to see Sakaki finally understanding Haru’s situation and accepts to play futsal with him again. Hopefully they get can get it together before the next tournament.
78/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Sakaki is finally having confidence in his teammates and began passing the ball to the others. Surprisingly it took a volleyball match for him to realize the importance of being the play caller. Can’t wait to see Koyo team continue to grow.
88/10Awesome episode. Good to see Sakaki passing the ball however he is still hesitant. Ryu tries to help him open up by hanging out at various places however I don’t think it helped much. During their match against Momomi High School, they were ok at first but then Sakaki began to hesitate again. Will he be able to overcome it???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. Sakaki is really struggling to overcome his past self but it is kinda difficult with their opponent’s laid back and distracting attitude during the match. Glad to see Tsubaki step in to help the team while at the same time showing Sakaki on how its done. Now both teams are tied. Will Koyo be able to defeat Momomi????
108/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ryu and Haru’s combo really helped the team pull through and defeat Momomi High School. However Sakaki seems uneasy about the victory. We learned a bit about his past after another match where he met his former teammates and their conversations was overheard by Haru. He tried to coax Sakaki to open up but Sakaki refuses. I wonder what happened to both Sakaki and his former teammate who looks a lot like Haru????
118/10Awesome episode. We learn the reason why Sakaki refuses to pass to Yamato. It seems he is still pretty much stuck in past. I can only assume he was never able to accept what Nagato told him when he quit futsal. Luckily Koyo is in the lead thanks to Yamato in their final match against Adalbert. Will they be able to finally defeat Adalbert???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Sakaki finally realizing what it means to be a Play Caller. He finally passes to Haru and manages to turn the match around for Koyo team. They won by a very narrow margin and at the last minute which makes the match all the more exciting to watch. Now they are on the way to Nationals where they will eventually face-off against Okazan. Hopefully we will get another season however the story might just continue in their mobile game.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc:

69/10Awesome episode. Was blown away when Tanjiro went into some kind of Super Sayan mode only to stop short due to his lack of breath. Looks like Nezuko also underwent some transformation. The battle continues. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
79/10Awesome episode. Looks like Nezuko went out of control. Kinda strange it took a not so great lullaby from Tanjiro to bring her back to normal. Now we know that cloth demon was actually part of another demon which is kinda scary as he seems more powerful. The battle continues…… Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
89/10Awesome episode. We learn a bit more about Uzui and his past. Glad to see the whole gang together to tackle the two demons. The battle scenes was just awesome and had me at the edge of my seat while holding my breath. Quite tense the battle. Will Tanjiro be able to defeat the upper rank demon? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
99/10Awesome episode. We learn more about Uzui’s past with his wives before the battle resumes. The battle with the upper rank demon proves to be quite tough even for Uzui. Their battles is quite nerve wrecking. Will they be able to turn the battle around????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
109/10Awesome episode. Glad to see everyone recover from their injuries and continue battling the demons. The continuation of their battle was both awesome and nerve-wrecking to watch especially towards the end where the demon attempted a last ditched attempt to kill the Demon Slayers. Did they manage to survive????? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. Glad to see everyone survive the demon’s final attack. Also Nezuko looks kinda cute with Tanjiro riding around on her back. Good to see Nezuko was able to use her power to heal everyone of the poison. Sad to see Uzui is unable to battle anymore due to damage sustained by his body. It has been a short but flashy journey. Can’t wait for next season.

Sasaki and Miyano:

18/10Awesome episode. Quite hilarious on how Sasaki and Miyano first met each other as well as how their relationship continues to blossom. It reminds me so much of Horimya in many aspects. Can’t wait to see the outcome of their relationship in the coming episodes.
28/10Awesome episode. Sasaki and Miyano’s relationship is growing closer when they started hanging out with each other more often. We also learn where Miyano started reading BL manga. Such a heartwarming moment when Sasaki was feeding Miyano those chocolate sticks. It seems like Sasaki can’t help but adore Miyano. Can’t wait to see more of their relationship in next week’s episode.
39/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Sasaki standing his ground when confronted by his classmate who was complaining about his girlfriend reading BL manga. It seems Sasaki and Miyana still having difficulty expressing their feelings for each other until during the train ride home where Sasaki whispers it to Miyano’s ears before getting off at his stop. How will Miyano handle this???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
49/10Awesome episode. Looks like Miyano is still confused with what Sasaki said to him on the train. Kinda funny seeing them both trying so hard to hold back their true feelings for each other. Let’s see how they can hold out. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
59/10Awesome episode. Sasaki finally confesses his feelings to Miyano however the words didn’t come out right which caused Miyano to be confused. Kinda funny seeing the way Sasaki tried to fix the situation which was both heartwarming and funny. Can’t wait to see how this plays out…………..
68/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Miyano finally express his true feelings for Sasaki which made him really happy even though it wasn’t the answer he was expecting. The relationship between both of them is growing closer by the day as Miyano slowly begins to accept the unusual feelings building up inside him. Can’t wait to see where this will take them.
77/10Good episode. Kinda funny when Miyano was elected to participate in the cross-dressing competition which was no surprise given Miyano’s feminine face. Sasaki really can’t hold back his feelings for Miyano after interrupting the conversation between Miyano and his former schoolmate. Can’t wait to see their relationship grow even more.
89/10Awesome episode. Miyano’s female dress-up wasn’t too bad however Kuresawa’s went all out. It seems Sasaki can’t hold back his feeling for Miyano especially when he found Miyano by himself dressed up for the competition. At first, he wasn’t happy about it but for some reason he just hugged Miyano which was such a heartwarming moment. How will Miyano react now that he realized Sasaki’s unusual behavior was because he likes him?????
98/10Awesome episode. Such a sweet moment when Miyano was taking care of Sasaki in the nurse’s office when he had a fever. Glad to see Miyano express his feeling for Sasaki even though it wasn’t exactly what he hoped for. Can’t wait to see their relationships continue to grow.
109/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Miyano’s cross-dressing competition went well even though he didn’t win. It seems the chairman has his own aspiration after his fortune telling session with Miyano. We witness more heartwarming moments throughout the festival and after the festival as Sasaki awaits Miyano’s answer. Can’t wait to see what Miyano will do after he realized his true feelings………
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like Miyano finally realizes his feelings for Sasaki and tries his best to get some alone time to confess his love however it seems both of them can’t find the time. Will Miyano be able to confess his love to Sasaki???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. Good to see Hirano and Hanzawa helping Miyano meet up with Sasaki. Glad to see Miyano finally expressing his true feelings for Sasaki although some of it felt like it came out of his BL manga. Quite a joyful and heartwarming moment when both of them went for each other after holding back for so long. It has been rollercoaster of a journey to reach this point. Good to see everyone is accepting their newly formed relationship. Can’t wait to see more of them in the upcoming animation production which was mentioned at the end of the episode.

Attack on Titan The Final Season 2nd Cour:

17/10Good episode. Seems like Eren has finally reached his limit. Feel sorry to see him fighting alone against the other titans. You can almost feel the pain he is going through. Not sure what his friends will do to help him. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.
28/10Good episode. Luckily his friends was willing to help them even though Eren betrayed them in the previous season. The battle for the founding titan’s power is beginning to heat up as Eren is meeting up with Beast Titan. However Beast Titan was shot by weapon on Cart Titan. Will they be able to save Eren and the Beast Titan? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
37/10Good episode. Looks like things didn’t go as expected for Eren after making contact with his brother. I guess he was expecting to control the Founder Ymir however it seems she went to his brother ignoring him. Wonder what is going to happen after Eren and his brother’s power merged????
47/10Good episode. It seems we are presented with the memories of their father. Not sure what to feel about this as its common knowledge however that doesn’t seem to be the case with Eren’s brother. Not sure what tricks Eren has up his sleeve. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
57/10Good episode. We got a glimpse into Ymir’s past which was just awful as she was merely treated as a tool. Quite amazed that Eren was able to get through to Ymir and convince her to grant him the founding titan’s power. Now all learn Eren’s true intentions which caught many people of guard. Can’t wait to see how this will play out.
68/10Awesome episode. Looks like the episode is getting a little dicey as everyone is doing all their can to save the people they care. Looks like the fate of the world rests on Eren’s shoulder. Will he be able to save the world????
76/10Good episode. It seems like Eren’s plan is causing a lot of casualties among the civilians. To be honest, I’m not sure who is right anymore. Not much story progression make a prediction. Let’s see what else is unveiled.
97/10Good episode. It seems there are some hesitation to kill Eren in order to stop the rumbling. The fact that Mikasa and her allies were forced onto the same side as Gaby only makes things even more stranger. Will they be able to work things out with Eren????
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like they finally managed to get a ship however not all went well along the way as evident by some of the people. The real question is, will they be able to stop Eren???? Can’t wait for next next week’s final episode to find out.
127/10Good episode. Looks like they finally reached the island however it seems like Eren has not yet reached that island. As they mingle around with towns people and some of them getting drunk along the way which was quite funny in a sense, more self-reflection as well as doubts were raised whether they will be able to stop Eren. Looks like they journey will continue in Part 3 of the final season(airing in 2023) where Eren finally reaches the island and starts attacking the people mercilessly. Will they be able to stop Eren???? Can’t wait for 3rd cour of final season to find out.


18/10Good episode. For some reason, Musashi’s character reminds me of Asta from Black Clover as they do share some traits. Kinda of strange they worship the demons while shunning those who oppose the status quo. Looks like their journey is just beginning.
28/10Good episode. During the battle we learn a bit more about Kojiro. It must be tough being a shun upon because of being a Bushi. Looks like there is another group preparing to join the battle. The battle continues…………….
38/10Good episode. It seems like the group lead by Naotara beat them to the punch. However he does acknowledges Musashi’s resolve to be the best. Can’t wait to see what adventure awaits Musashi and Kojiro as they head out to take on more of those demons.
48/10Good episode. We are introduced to Tsugumi who is from Kosameda band. Quite funny that she managed to ambushed both Musashi and Kojiro as well as steal their ride. She seems to have odd disposition of whether to listen to her heart or whether to obey the lord of her tribe which was quite distrurbing. Also those two have a lot more to learn after getting locked up when failing to answer the lord’s question. Let’s see how those two will get out of that situation.
58/10Good episode. Glad too see Tsugumi finally managed to have the courage to defy the lord of her tribe and got the townspeople to escape. We also get to see her power as well. Now they are up against another demon and it seems another group is waiting to swoop in. Will those three will be able to take down the demon before the other group????
68/10Good episode. Looks like Tsugumi officially joins Musashi and Kojiro on their journey. Kinda funny seeing all of them having their own misunderstandings at the beginning of their journey. Who were those mysterious characters that Musashi met by coincidence???? The mystery deepens…….
78/10Good episode. Feel sorry for Musashi after he failed his sword trial due to the color of his soul thus shattering his hopes of becoming a Bushi. However we learn a bit more about those mysterious characters as one of them approached Musashi with a proposal before showing that they had a lot more in common. What will Musashi do???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out………..
87/10Good episode. We learn a bit more about the motives behind Shirou’s sudden interest in Musashi. Not surprised that Musashi fell for his sweet talk. Also we learn more about Musashi’s past after he fell down a pit created by Shirou. Will he be able to get himself out of the sticky situation???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Musashi managed to get out of the pit thanks to Nanao’s carelessness. We finally see Shirou’s true colors as starts to attack the other Bushi that were travelling with Kojiro. Now that Musashi is reunited with Kojiro and Tsugumi, will they be able to defeat Shirou and Nanao? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. Now we learn that Musashi holds a secret power that surpasses all other Bushi as he was able to cancel the dimension twisting technique made by Shirou. Kinda strange seeing Musashi’s body being used by Obsedian goddess(a.k.a his secret power) especially when she kisses Kojiro. Will her power be enough to defeat Shirou???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
118/10Awesome episode. It seems that Shirou was able to escape after the powerful attack. Glad to see Musashi pass his sword trial. It turns out he got the rare and powerful color red. Now their journey can finally. Who was the person shown at the end of the episode. Can’t wait to learn in next week’s final episode.
127/10Good episode. Looks like their journey to the east is blocked by a giant Kishin which according to their guide, remains undefeated since 150 years ago. What will they learn as they make their way to Uesugi???? Can’t wait for next season to find out.

The Case Study of Vanitas 2nd Cour:

139/10Awesome episode. I wasn’t surprised when they encountered the beast so soon along with Charlatan. However their encounter with two mysterious characters including one character who looks like Jeanne which makes me wonder whether they are in an alternate dimension or alternate time. Wonder who was the other two characters at the end after Noe and Vanitas got separated? The mystery deepens. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
148/10Awesome episode. Quite interesting listening to Jeanne’s backstory and her relationship with Chloe. Seems like everyone has their own interests when it comes to that beast. I’m surprised to see Charlatan in the room that Noe entered. What will Noe do???? I feel like something fishy is going on here. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
158/10Awesome episode. After seeing what Chloe has gone through, you almost feel sorry for her. Now everything starts to relate to one another which leads up to that giant contraption at the end. Things are definitely starting to heat up. What will happen once Chloe goes through with her plan???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
168/10Awesome episode. Now we learn about Jeanne Jacques’s backstory which was equally tragic as Chloe’s past. We also learn Jeanne Jacques was the so-called beast of Gevaudan. Chloe’s plan is becoming more clear as she started up the machine. Will Vanitas be able to stop her???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
178/10Awesome episode. It seems Chloe’s plan didn’t go as planned as she failed to kill Naenia as well as trapping everyone inside the weird dimension due to her malnomen. Kinda funny seeing Noe and Vanitas arguing only to be interrupted by Roland. We learn more about Jeanne’s dark past which reminds me of Noe’s promise with Lord Ruthven back in the 1st cour. Will they be able to save Chloe????
188/10Awesome episode. Now we get a glimpse into Astolfo’s past which explains why he despise vampires so much. It seems Jeanne Jacques just only realized what Chloe was up to which shook his heart. Quite a heartwarming moment when he expressed his feelings for Chloe. Now that Vanitas got his book back, will he be able to save everyone????
199/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Vanitas managed to save Chloe as well as restore her true name along with Jeanne Jaacques. We also learned that they were all stuck in a time loop during their time in Gevaudan which confirms my suspicions at the very beginning. Quite funny seeing how Jeanne thanked Vanitas for saving Chloe. Now with that mystery resolved, one more remains. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
208/10Awesome episode. Kinda funny seeing Vanitas having a love crisis. It turns out its not just Jeanne who love Vanitas for who he is. Quite a shock seeing Jeanne expressing her love for Vanitas in front of Dominique and Luca. For some reason, Dominique is under the influence of another person who wants Noe. I wonder what is the mystery behind that person???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
218/10Awesome episode. Now we know who is that mysterious person. As I suspected, Mikail was Vanitas’s younger brother who was also involved in the experiments with that Doctor from previous cour. Quite a shock that he would hold Dominique hostage just so that he can get Noe’s attention in order to lure Vanitas. Not sure why he wouldn’t just approach Vanitas himself. What will Noe do now that he knows a bit more about Vanitas???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
229/10Awesome episode. Looks like Noe finally learns about Vanitas’s past after drinking Mikail’s blood. Quite a tragic past if I do say so myself but it does answer a lot of questions that was lingering since the beginning of the series. What will Vanitas do after Noe has learned about his past???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
239/10Awesome episode. Looks like Vanitas and Noe are at each others throats after Vanitas refused to save Dominique. It was shocking to see Vanitas actually put himself in some kind of hypnosis with those drugs. Glad to see Noe finally realizing what Vanitas true desires during their battle. What will be the outcome of their battle??????? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
249/10Awesome episode. Quite a heartwarming moment when Vanitas was unable to kill Noe despite being in a hypnosis state. We learned they were all playing into Noe teacher’s hand. Just what is he up to and what is his end goal???? I guess we will only find out in the next season if its officially announced. Their adventure continues………..


17/10Good episode. We get to Matthias show his weapon enhancement skill which was quite extraordinary before he heads towards the academy for his entrance exam. Glad to see him pass the entrance exam with passing colors. Quite a surprise that there were demons among the students in the academy which he revealed their true form very quickly. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses.
27/10Good episode. It seems the King has acknowledged Matthias capability and gives him the responsibility to setup the barrier. So far it felt like your typical RPG Isekai. Let’s see how the story progresses.
37/10Good episode. Another day and a couple more demons taken out. He really trust his party members during the battle. After realizing they were being eavesdropped during their conversation with the king, they set out to origin of the spell in another village. Quite surprised he has so many contacts in his past life. Let’s see if his party can hold up against more demons.
47/10Good episode. Looks like he defeated 2 more demons and gave the item drops to the king however he was not seeking monetary reward. Instead he wanted Iris to join them in the academy however the way she passed her exam was out of the ordinary while at the same time very funny. Matthias party looks pretty solid. Let’s see what else is in store for him.
57/10Good episode. Glad to see they managed to get help from the First Academy with building the barrier despite opposition from their headmaster. Kinda funny seeing the entire first academy lose to 5 students from second academy in the battle. Looks like Matthias’s party is starting to take shape despite a few stumbles from some of the members while they were building the barrier which was funny to watch. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
67/10Awesome episode. Glad to see the construction of the barrier completed. Matthias’s party once again stood on the frontline against a hord of demons. For the most part, Matthias is just too OP as he dispatched them effortlessly. Looks like they are off again on another adventure to Dragon Veil. Can’t wait to see what else lies in store for them.
77/10Good episode. Seems like Matthias and his friends have reached a town that looks out of place due to lack of people. Later they learned from one of the residents the reason behind it. Glad to see Matthias managed to lead everyone in the healing efforts of the injured residents. Now they are heading into the dungeon to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the town’s new leader. Can’t wait to see what will be revealed.
87/10Good episode. Glad to see Matthias save another town from disaster. However a mysterious demon’s voice could be heard throughout their battle. I wonder who is this demon???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to learn more.
97/10Good episode. We are off on another adventure to another region in order to hunt down a device to track down the demon. However Matthias has to pass a test in order to reach Rank A adventurer. Glad to see he passed the test even though his opponent was almost on par with him in terms of skill. Kinda funny seeing him freak out reading the book given by Matthias after asking for tips from him. Looks like there its not going to be a smooth journey heading into that region. What will be uncovered in that region????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
107/10Good episode. Looks like the town they ended up in is also controlled by demons. However this time, they appear to be controlling the minds of the people with a spell. Good to see their teamwork slowly dismantling the demon’s henchmen. However it seems the boss has something else up its sleeve. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to see it in action.
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like Matthias may have finally met his match. Zardias managed to break the seal and is out to destroy humanity. Even Matthias was injured despite dodging Zardias’s attack. Will Alma and Lurie be able to find the powerful magical weapon in order to help Matthias defeat Zardias????? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
127/10Good episode. Glad to see Matthias defeat Zardias despite almost dying after being stabbed by Zardias. Not much to say about the battle as it didn’t last very long. Looks like they are off on another adventure after learning another kingdom is being controlled by demons. Can’t to see more of their journey………..

Tribe Nine:

17/10Good episode. The animation reminds me a lot of Akudama Drive. Quite extreme the way baseball is played as a way of defending their turf. Haru and Taiga was saved by Shun after they got into a fight. Kinda funny seeing Shun randomly throws up afterwards. They get their first taste of extreme baseball which was quite intense and proves to be a turning point for Haru. Let’s see how they progress.
27/10Good episode. Shun takes them for practicing the basics of Extreme Baseball with Taiga unable to get his timing right while Haru was too afraid to see the incoming ball thus failing to hit the ball. One thing is clear, Extreme Baseball involves some sci-fi elements which makes it a lot more exciting. Looks like more trouble is brewing. Will they be able to take them on????
38/10Awesome episode. It looks like Minato’s Tribe is up against another tribe. Sad to see them having to disband after they forfeit the match due to Shun’s injury at the end. The most frustrating thing is that they didn’t have to forfeit the match as Shun already tagged the opponent however it seems only Haru noticed it. How will they handle it???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
47/10Good episode. Seems like things started taking a turn for the worst after Minato’s Tribe was forced to disband. This is made even worst when we learned that Kamiya died due to his illness which I didn’t even notice. Seems like they were forced to face-off against another tribe after Saori was kidnapped. Glad to see Kamiya has thought ahead for his tribe when a person called Kazuki Aoyama suddenly shows up and offers to join their tribe. Will they be able to turn this around and win?????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
57/10Good episode. Glad to see Aoyama managed to turn the match around however Haru and Taiga was not happy with the way he was deceiving their opponents. In the end, Saori managed to pull a win with that awesome strike which even impressed their opponent’s leader. How will Aoyama will fit in with Minato’s Tribe???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
68/10Awesome episode. Sad to see Adachi tribe lose against Chiyoda tribe in such a brutal way. It seems Taiga was fired up afterwards as he was training day and night. Haru tried to help him train but somehow he just ends up irritating Taiga. Taiga ends up seeking help from leader of Taita tribe after being advised by Aoyama. Quite funny the way he was continuously begging Sakura to teach him. In the end, he managed to prove himself worthy even though Sakura and Ueno was actually cheating during their match. Can’t wait to see how his training goes………
77/10Good episode. We are introduced to another tribe where the leader is very keen on getting his hands on the Beam Bat and will do almost anything to get it. Glad to see Aoyama managed to uncover the secret in his efforts to gain the trust of Haru. However something else is going on behind the scenes. Can’t wait to see it all unfold.
88/10Awesome episode. Looks like Minato’s tribe is not out of the woods yet as another tribe called Ota Tribe attacks their base. Their tactics during XB resembles a lot like Aoyama’s style during their XB against Adachi tribe which makes me suspect Aoyama was from Ota Tribe. My suspicions is confirmed when their leader reveals Aoyama’s true intentions which completely broke Haru’s built-up trust towards Aoyama. Glad to see Taiga jump in to save Haru. Will they be able to turn the match around despite Ota tribe’s dirty tricks.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Taiga and Haru turn things around after destroying the device that was interfering with the judge robot. I’m actually surprised there was no redundant system for the judge robot. Also I was shocked to see Taiga actually improved after all that training and even found himself a lover from Ota tribe which was quite funny. Overall, just happy to see Minato tribe win their match against Ota tribe fair and square. Looks like something is going on with Chiyoda tribe. Wonder what they are up to????
108/10Awesome episode. Looks like the power has shifted in Neo City Tokyo with the death of Chiyoda’s leader. Kinda scary now that rules of XB has been relaxed to allow murder. I’m surprised first thing they did was challenge the reformed Minato tribe. Glad to see everyone is rising up to challenge. Will they be able to win????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like their match against Chiyoda’s tribe is off to a bad start as they struggle to score points. Glad to see the other tribes stepped in to help them however they were no match. It seems like Chiyoda’s leader broke the rule by shooting the leader of Taita’s tribe as Ojiro steps in. The match is now more intense. Will they be able to defeat Ojiro and Chiyoda’s tribe???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Aoyama manage to bring Ojiro back to his senses however it was too late for those two as a building collapsed on top of them. Not sure if they survived or not. Quite a heartbreaking moment seeing their backstory which makes you wonder why on earth did they join Chiyoda’s tribe to begin with. Also good to see Haru is finally changed and no longer runs away when faced with a challenge. With the fall of Chiyoda’s tribe, Neo Tokyo was reformed and everything is back to normal with Minato tribe looking as strong as ever with Haru leading the tribe.

Sabikui Bisco:

17/10Good episode. Looks like our main character Akaboshi is already labelled a man eater from the very beginning because of what he does. Not very clear why he was targeted by governments. His true objective is revealed when he meets up with a doctor named Milo who is treating people infected with Rust. Can’t wait to see how his journey goes.
28/10Good episode. Akaboshi seems to do things by force. However I guess he can’t argue with advice of Milo. Luckily she was able to treat Jabi however a new enemy has appeared and seems to be prepared to counter the arrows fired by Akaboshi. How will he handle her??? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Good episode. It turns out that enemy was Milo’s older sister. Glad to see Milo was able to treat Jabi and her older sister. Milo and Akaboshi’s journey officially begins after much coaxing from both Milo and Jabi. Can’t wait to see what adventures awaits those two.
48/10Good episode. Kinda funny seeing Milo trying to ride the crab and failing miserably multiple times. The person they met and saved later down the line was kinda suspicious. Eventually, Milo managed to master riding the crab and prevent the weapon crab from hitting the mines. Can’t wait to see more of their adventures as they travel into a new region.
57/10Good episode. Quite fascinating seeing a bunch of kids living in cool looking fortress. Glad to see Bisco managed to save their fortress from a swarm of Blowfishes with mushrooms of course. Those old couple encountered by Milo’s sister had a creepy demeanor which is justified after she found what they were up to. Can’t wait to see what else will they encounter during their quest.
68/10Good episode. Their journey took an interesting turn when they ended rescuing someone named Trilo if I recall correctly was one of the people send after them. Glad to see that she helped them out after rescuing her. Also glad to see Milo is more proficient using the arrow. As they enter another region, Milo’s older sister swoops to try apprehend Bisco whilst they were in the middle of another battle. Will they be able to reason with her regarding Bisco’s mission????
78/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Milo’s sister understanding the situation after being saved by Bisco. Milo and Bisco ended up in an argument after news broke out regarding what happened to Milo’s sister. In the end, Milo manages to subdue Bisco so that he can go and rescue his sister instead of Bisco. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
89/10Awesome episode. Looks like Milo’s rescue plan didn’t go according to plan as he ended up being controlled by puppet mushroom fired by Kurokawa. Glad to see Jabi come in and rescue both Bisco and Milo. However during their escape, Milo was hit with multiple Rust arrows. Quite a heartbreaking moment when he finally collapses. Will Bisco be able to save Milo???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
99/10Awesome episode. Quite a heartwarming when Bisco and Milo expressed their feelings for each other after Bisco finished treating Milo. We learn the secret weapon that Kurokawa was using to create rust. Glad to see Bisco was able to rescue Jabi however Bisco’s body was starting to succumb to the rust throughout his battle with Kurokawa. Such a sad moment when Bisco sacrifices himself in order to defeat Kurokawa which must has been heartbreaking for Milo. Will Milo be able to stop the monster from spreading the rust???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
109/10Awesome episode. Looks like Kurokawa has other stuff inside that facility. Even though Milo’s sister got rid of one, there was another one that suddenly broke out. The monster they call Tetsujin looks like it came from Attack on Titan. Milo and Jabi tried to shoot mushrooms at it however it seemed to have a temporary effect. Will Milo be able to stop Tetsujin before it annihilates the city????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. Looks like Tetsujin is still on move while wiping everything in its path. Despite various efforts to stop it, conventional weapon don’t seem to have any effect. Kinda sad seeing Milo fighting Tetsujin all alone. However my mind was blown when Bisco came out of Tetsujin’s body. Will the duo be able to take down Tetsujin???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out…………..
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see the duo take down Tetsujin. It turns out Bisco has underwent some transformation after he supposedly died awhile back. Of course his new found powers was key to cure the rust. Quite a heartwarming moment to see their relationship grow even closer as they set off on another journey.

Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad:



37/10Good episode. Glad to see Chateau was alright after that incident in previous episode. One thing that really bothers me, what is Ryang-ha’s goal in making contact with Chateau and following her around???? Is it so that she won’t catch him???? There is still a lot of unanswered questions. Hopefully we will learn more in next week’s episode.
47/10Good episode. We learn more about Chateau’s past which is pretty tragic is my opinion. It seems she never knew her actual parents and was actually adopted. It seems that she might be related to Ryang-ha in more than one way. The mystery deepens. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
57/10Good episode, Glad to see Ryang-ha save Chateau from her kidnappers. In return. she brought him to a clinic for treatment after he collapsed. Kinda funny seeing those two having small talk. Can’t wait to see more of their adventures………
68/10Good episode. Looks like Chateau and her team are on another assignment aboard a cruise ship. Nothing much going on here and as expected Ryang-ha is also on the cruise ship. However things turn for the worst as Chateau’s boss ended up stabbed after he arranged for a meeting with Ryang-ha. The mystery deepens………..
78/10Awesome episode. Now we know who killed Chateau ’s boss since Chateau encountered him while she was trying to meet up with Ryang-ha. It seems Jinon was blackmailing her into helping him. It seems Chateau has become very confused with what was going on and even attempted to kill herself as she seems under a lot of stress. Although Ryang-ha managed to stop her, he did managed to strangle her until she blacked out. The mystery between Ryang-ha and Chateau deepens……. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to learn more.
88/10Awesome episode. It seems like Ryang-ha decided to play along and allow himself to be captured by Jinon. Good to see he cared for Chateau’s safety by hiding her away. The situation is definitely heating up. What will we learn from the person who ordered Ryang-ha to be captured???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ryang-ha managed to break free from his kidnapper although he did stumble a bit due to his injury. Chateau also seems to take matters into her own hands as she rushes in to rescue Ryang-ha. After seeing how far their adventure had progressed, I can definitely say those two are related somehow. Such a heartwarming moment when Ryang-ha and Chateau found each other. What else will we learn about those two???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
107/10Good episode. Glad to see Ryang-ha and Chateau managed to escape the mansion. Not sure what is the motive behind Ryang-ha in keeping Chateau within his grasp especially when he grabbed her after she tried to walk away. We get more insight into both Chateau and Ryang-ha’s past. It seems the story is implying that those two met each other when they were younger. Either way can’t wait to find out in next week’s episode.
118/10Good episode. Now everything starts to make sense as we learn about Ryang-ha and Chateau’s past life which was quite a story indeed especially how Ryang-ha and Chateau met each other. It seems like Chateau is finally starting to remember her past. What will she do next?????? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode.
127/10Good episode. However we unfortunately still do not know Ryang-ha’s real name due to the fact his name always changes whenever he was handed off to someone else. We also learned Ryang-ha was the name of that friend that helped him but eventually died therefore he assumed his identity. It seems there was some cover-up regarding the events that transpired between those trio. Quite a heartwarming moment when Chateau finally remembers everything and makes a deal with Ryang-ha. I wonder where will their adventures take them???? I guess we will only find out if they decide to produce another season.

Salaryman’s Club/Ryman’s Club:

19/10Awesome episode. As suspected this show is different from most sport anime which normally focuses on school students and their respective tournaments. This show is focuses on work life at a company which also includes competing in badminton as part of the job. Seems like Mikoto is refusing to play doubles due to a past incident despite losing to Tatsuru in their match which was quite intense to watch. Can’t wait to learn more about Mikoto’s past…………..
28/10Good episode. It seems like Mikoto is having some difficulty adapting to the work life at his new job. However its foresight ability was able to catch a shoplifter despite he accidentally damaged the president’s car earlier. Glad to see Mikoto opening up to Tatsuru during the 2nd set of the match against Unisics despite being haunted by his past throughout the tournament. Looks like they have more work to do as they lost the tournament despite winning the 2nd set. Will Mikoto be able to overcome his past???? Can’t wait for future episodes to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikoto is getting used to his new job although he still has a lot to learn with the help of his teammates. Kinda funny seeing him getting confused during their meeting as well as when typing out his proposal at the hot spring. We finally learn the full picture of his past when he reveals it to Tatsuru. It turns out the trip was also to celebrate his birthday where they throw a mini party. Quite hilarious seeing Mikoto getting drunk after drinking for the first time. Looks like another tournament is coming up. Will they be able to win??????
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see team make it through most of the matches. However when Mikoto is up against former partner, he is having difficulty overcoming his past which is causing him to freeze during the match. However his former partner seems to really hate Mikoto. Can Mikoto overcome his past and pull a win for Sunlight????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
58/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikoto overcome his past in the 2nd set with a little help Tatsuru although it wasn’t enough to win Tomari but it was pretty close. It turns out both Mikoto and Azuma misunderstood each other. Good to see Mikoto expressing his feeling with Azuma as they were having dinner together although he was drunk after Tatsuru tempted him to drink which slightly ruins the sentiment. Who was that person that met up with Tatsuru after the tournament and what did he mean when he whispered “I’m glad I got to play with you before its over” to Mikoto???? It seems there will be repercussions for the team after losing the tournament. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
68/10Awesome episode. Looks like Mikoto is getting used to work life at the company. However he forgot to save his presentation after working on it for the whole night which will come back to haunt him later(thank goodness for built-in autosave nowadays). A lot of issues came up before and during the tasting event. Glad to see all of his friends work together including his friend Azuma in order to make the event a success. Luckily his friends stepped in when it came for Mikoto’s presentation which eventually convinces the president to approve Mikoto’s proposal. Really like the teamwork displayed by everyone. Let’s see if it will translate to a better outcome in their upcoming badminton tournament.
77/10Good episode. Looks like Tatsuru injured himself during the match against Unisics but at least they won their match. However things did not turn out well for Toya and Koki. Glad to see Toru decided to join back the Badminton team. However a storm maybe brewing for the team after that match. What will happen to the team???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
88/10Awesome episode. Couldn’t believe what was happening to the team after Toru joined the Badminton team. Its just sad to see the team on the edge of falling apart especially when rumors were flying around that Tatsuru was quitting the team. How will Mikoto handle it????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. We learned a bit more about Tatsuru’s past and learn that certain people wanted to get rid of him which I consider is back-stabbing. Glad to see Mikoto finally understanding what his partner is going through and does his best to adjust to Tatsuru’s knee’s injury. However it seems like one of the higher-ups is determined to get rid of him as well as shutting down the badminton team. Will they be able to win this tournament????? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
109/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Mikoto prevented Tatsuru from sacrificing himself and revealing the ”alleged violence” never took place after one employee confessed to Mikoto regarding what actually took place. Such a despicable act to frame someone for personal gains. Thankfully Sota and Toya managed to pull a win for during the matches. Now its time for Mikoto and Tatsuru to face their opponents. Will they able to pull off a win and save the badminton team???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. The final matches are underway with Toru up against Ibuki-san for the single matches. Unfortunately, Toru lost despite putting up a very good fight which was pretty tense to watch. Mikoto and Tatsuru is up against Takuma and Izumo in which they were struggling a first. Glad to see Tatsuru’s training was paying off as he is able to score points without resorting to smashes which will prolly worsen his knee injury. Unfortunately just as Mikoto was trying to return the shot he slipped and slammed into the pole at the side of the net which was a heartbreaking moment as he was lying there with blood coming out and thus victory for the 1st match goes to their opponent. Will Mikoto be alright???? Will they be able to turn this around???? Can’t wait next week’s final episode to find out…………
129/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Tatsuru, Mikoto, Takuma and Naohiro put up a great fight during their match which had me on the edge of my seat. We get a glimpse into Takuma’s past thus revealing his resolve for playing badminton which was to get his brother’s attention. So happy to see Tatsuru and Mikoto winning the match thus saving their badminton team from being dismantled. The president’s words are also something to take note as not everything has monetary returns. This has been a wonderful journey between work-life and sports which is rarely seen in a sport anime. Congrats to Sunlight Beverage for winning the corporate tournament.

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