Spring Season Anime 2022 Short Reviews

Our short reviews page for the Spring Season Anime that I will be watching is now live. Basically, I will watch the show as soon as it drops on the respective streaming platform(Refer to my Spring Season Anime 2022 Selections page) and provide my opinions, impressions and anything else that comes to mind within 10-15 minutes* after watching the simulcast. Due to some technical limitations of the comment platform, I’m unable to add separate comments under each episode for each simulcast. You may leave your comment either on the pinned Twitter post or comment section at the bottom of the page. Make sure to bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly.

Love All Play:

19/10Awesome episode. Good to see some healthy rivalry after Ryo decides to accept the offer to join Yokohama Minato High School after some encouragement from his friends and family although he was reluctant at first as he felt bad leaving his friends behind. Seems like this Kento person that Ryo saw during the match had a different kind of personality during their practice session that he was invited to. Will they be able to get along???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
28/10Awesome episode. One thing I must say is their practice sessions brings back memories about myself during my school days during practice. Glad to see everyone putting their effort into the light practice session although none of them was able to beat Kento. We got to see a bit more of their personalities which were unique so to speak. Now that Ryo has finally graduated from Middle School and has entered Yokohama Minato High School, the real journey finally begins. Can’t wait to see how he progresses throughout high school.
38/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ryo managed get into Yokohama Minato High School however it was off to a bumpy start as his grades weren’t up to snuff. Despite many first-years attending the first practice, many dropped out when they couldn’t keep up with the training regimen. Glad to see at least one person remain, Uchida however he had some difficulty adjusting as he was used to play ping-pong but eventually managed to hit the shuttlecock after the coach gave him some pointers. Can’t wait to see how they would fair during the ranking matches in preparation for upcoming qualifier tournament?????
48/10Awesome episode. The first day of ranking match didn’t really go well for Ryu as only managed to win one match. The second day he lost against Kento but glad he managed to hold on. Overall the first-years aren’t doing that great during the ranked matches. On the final day of the ranked match, Ryu is up against Matsuda. Will he be able to win???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
58/10Awesome episode. That match between Matsuda and Ryo was intense to watch. Seems like Matsuda cannot keep up with Ryo’s stamina however Ryo still needs some refining as he was always getting outs with his shots which lead to Matsuda winning the match. We learned a bit about Matsuda’s past which was kinda of sad as his parents were divorced. Now its time for the inter-high qualifiers. Who will make the cut???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
68/10Awesome episode. The twin’s match was going pretty well at the beginning until they faced off against Shuji and Tetsuya where Yoji was unable to cope with the pressure. Glad to see his teammates helping him out even though they did not win against Shuji and Tetsuya but they did put up a good fight. The coach is really determined to get more out of the team as they have another practice match. Let’s see how this turns out……….
77/10Good episode. Good to see everyone working hard during their practice match against Futaba High School. However something seems off with Yusuke during his double match. Later we learned he has an injured leg in which he received an earful from Yusa-san after he found out about it. We also learned a bit about Yusa’s past and how he joined the Yokohama Minato High School Badminton Club. It turns out it had something to do with Ryo’s sister which was quite interesting. Another match is coming up in Kyoto, will their team be able to score some victories???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
87/10Good episode. Looks like Ryo caught a cold at the worst possible time and had to stay behind. Unfortunately the team only managed to get 3rd place however it seems Yusa was devastated by loss but in reality it was actually his date request that was turned down because he did not get 3 crown which I find hilarious. Kinda funny seeing Sakaki asking Ryo’s sister out on a date after discovering that she was Ryo’s older sister. Let’s see how well they do during the summer training camp.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ryo finally manage to score a point against Yusa during their practice match which caught everyone’s attention. It seems Yusa and Ryo have a lot in common in terms of their personalities. Kinda funny seeing Yusa freaking out when Hishikawa revealed that he was a big fan of Ryo’s older sister. Looks like there is an open slot for upcoming tournament, who will make the cut for the doubles team???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ryo is having difficult playing doubles with Sakaki. It pains to see Sakaki feeling stressed out as he is unable to keep up. Hopefully Sakaki can overcome it instead of just outright giving up. Will Ryo and Sakaki make the cut for the newbie’s tournament???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
117/10Good episode. Glad to see Sakaki and Ryo having a serious conversation regarding their doubles team. Hopefully they are able to overcome their weaknesses in time for the tournament. The single matches are coming up. Who will emerge victorious??? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. That was a tense match to watch between Ryo and Matsuda as it appears Ryo was losing at the beginning. Noticed Ryo went into a kind of trance during the 2nd match and 3rd match which resulted in him winning the match. Next up is the doubles match but he noticed one of his friends that he will be facing has an injured leg. Ryo seems to have mixed feelings after his coach told him to target his friend. Will he be ok in their upcoming doubles match???? Can’t wait for next week’s to find out.
139/10Awesome episode. Glad to see both of teams played with all their hearts despite Ryo’s friend injury which caused Ryo to be quite hesitant during the first round. Looks like Ryo and Sakaki are getting better at playing doubles with Sakaki improving quite significantly since they first started playing. Something ominous is going on with Yusuke during his conversation with Yusa. What did he mean by that???? Can’t wait for next cour(9th July) to find out……….

Fanfare of Adolescence:

19/10Awesome episode. I was surprised seeing Ryu quit being an idol to study at a Horse Racing School despite the backlash from his fans and his family. We later learned his reason before their day turned chaotic due to unfortunate turn of events which lead to newcomers going after two runaway horses. Quite a curious about Shun as he was able to tame one of the horse and ride it which was amazing for his first day. Quite a heartwarming moment when Ryu fell into Shun’s arms after he slipped when getting off the horse after their ordeal. The soundtrack was just phenomenal. Can’t wait to see how all of them will progress at the school………..
28/10Awesome episode. It seems Arimura is struggling a bit during their lessons which is made worst by Tako filming his everyday life at the school. His friends tried to help him but it didn’t go as expected as Arimura fainted in the bath which was kinda funny. Later he unexpectedly met Kuji in a room at the Deby where was taken aback by his intense practice but later was asked to leave. Glad to see after the unexpected encounter he managed to improve himself during training even with Tako filming him. It seems there is a new student Amane Grace joining them however he seems like a jerk after his introduction. Wonder how he will fit in with the rest???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. As expected Amane was a jerk and show off but he does possess the perfect horse riding skill as he seems to have travelled to several countries. I was surprised he even ask Shun to run away with him because he looks down on the others which reveals his true weakness. Glad to see he has turn over a new leaf after their unauthorized night outing although it was quite hilarious when we learned he had another weakness which was being around girls as he fainted in the most bizarre way. Can’t wait to see what else lies in store for our jockeys in training.
48/10Awesome episode. Good to see them working hard during their training camp. However instructor Asahi twin brother seems quite suspicious as they look quite alike. We learned that Aki was a big fan of Arimura and finally understood why he took up being a jockey. Kinda funny seeing Amane’s weakness caused him to set off fireworks. Overall, everyone showed great improvement. Can’t wait to see what else awaits Class 41.
59/10Awesome episode. There was so much going on in this episode that its hard to catch a breath. Starting with Yu’s former idol mates, who visited him to reveal his mom’s plan to bring him back to being an idol which infuriates him. What I find even more infuriating, is Tako’s days at the school was to create a documentary showing only the negative aspects of Yu’s days at the school in hopes of forcing Yu to return back into being an idol once the video goes viral. Next up we have Hayato, who seems to be worried about his overweight even resorting to drastic measures to lose weight which doesn’t seem to be helping. Luckily one of the classmates overheard the conversation but Hayato refuses to accept help from him as well as taking out his frustration on Yu which ended in an accident at the end of the episode. Hopefully everything will turn out ok for Class 41 in next week’s episode……….
68/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Yu was doing ok however I’m especially angry at his mother who used it to her advantage by forcing Yu to quit being a jockey and the video that Tako uploaded just made matters worst for Yu. Luckily his friends secretly visited him to pass on a message to stay strong as well as try to cheer him up which seems to have worked. Hopefully Yu recovers quickly and proves to everyone that he can be a jockey.
79/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Yu pass his horse riding exams which means he officially graduates from the horse riding school despite his mother’s best efforts to stop him from attending. However he ended up being fired from his idol job and now has to pay the contract penalty. A new adventure awaits for Yu as his training continues at a stable. Can’t wait to see how he continues to grow in next week’s episode……….
88/10Awesome episode. It seems everyone is now at another stage in order to become jockeys however under different stables. Shun seems quite ok with his instructors while Arimura always seems to be arguing with his instructor as he cares for the well-being of the horses and Amane Grace seems to be unable to cope with it. It seems Sumeragi is taking a gamble as Shun’s ability to sense every aspect of the horse by offering him to train the Oak Diamond. Can’t wait to see what happens next in next week’s episode……….
98/10Awesome episode. Looks like the others are also training hard at their respective stables. Shun seems very bothered by horses retiring but he prolly has to accept it as its part of the job. Also it seems their main jockey wasn’t listening to Shun’s advice. Glad to see the horse’s owner did not blame the trainer for their loss. It seems Amane is very disturbed???? Wonder why he is struggling to keep up with the time????
108/10Awesome episode. It seems Shun is starting to lose his edge as he didn’t realize that Kisuke’s leg was injured which had disastrous consequences during its final race where its leg just quit. Not sure what the owner decided to do with Kisuke but it doesn’t look good as Miku was absolutely devastated. Will Shun be able to move on from this tragic incident???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. It seems Shun has ran off to the farm where Kisuke was born and raised. When Yu went after him, it seemed Shun was set to quit being a jockey for good after that incident. Yu was tasked to support him during that time. The owner later also tried to help lift his spirits by revealing the horse, Momo was actually related to Kisuke therefore the bloodline still continues. Glad to see Yu finally managed to convince Shun to come back which was quite a heart warming moment. Since their training at the stable has come to an end, the mock race is coming up. Can’t wait to see them prepare for the race in next week’s episode.
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see everyone working hard to improve themselves during the mock races with Maki being the most determined as he claims that he is just an ordinary person. However it seems Yu got the best of him during their 6th mock race. As their training at the horse racing school is coming to a close, what does Shun have to say to Yu???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
139/10Awesome episode. This final race is probably one of the most memorable moments where we learn about everyone’s goals after they graduate. The most notable moment is where Shun expresses his future plans with Yu in which he plans to return back to the farm where Kisuke was raised. I guess he has found a new goal in life after that incident but an excellent goal nonetheless. Glad to see Yu achieve his goal of becoming a jockey this time with support from his former employer. I felt moved seeing everyone grow during their time at the horse riding school. Hopefully they will come up with a spinoff title or continuation for this series.

Requiem of Rose King:

12.5/10[Recap episode]
138/10Awesome episode. Looks like another internal conflict is going to occur within the House of York. It seems like Jane is taking advantage of Edward after he starts to lose interest in his current wife. It seems she has drugged everyone who attended the banquet. Richard and Gatsby was able to find some leads however Edward is suspecting George is behind his health declining and orders both of them to arrest George. Will they be able to get to bottom of this and prevent the house from falling apart???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
148/10Awesome episode. Quite shocking to learn that Richard and Buckingham were the ones who framed George and now they plan on killing him in which they succeeded despite the King Edward revoking George’s execution order. Looks like the house is slowly falling apart with King Edward’s health continuing to worsen and rumors spreading about a demon in the palace. Can’t wait to see what happens next……….
157/10Good episode. It seems the House of York seems to be falling apart with the latest victim being King Edward. Not sure what is Richard’s end goal. Is he trying to become King by eliminating all other candidates for the throne???? I guess we will find out later in the series.
168/10Awesome episode. Looks like Richard is now planning to get rid of King Edward’s former lover as he suspects she was plotting to reveal his true secret as well as charge her with treason. However just as she thought everything was about to go according to plan, Richard managed to turn the tables on her which was quite incredible but to no surprise. Let’s see who else stands in the way between Richard and the crown………..
178/10Awesome episode. Buckingham and Richard put on an excellent act in front the people in order to dispel any rumours about the Demon Child. Soon after Richard is finally crowned the King. However it seems something is bothering Buckingham after coronation ceremony. What could be bothering him???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to see how this plays out……….
188/10Awesome episode. It seems another person from house of Lancaster is set to overthrow Richard by staging deaths in order frame him. It seems Anne is starting to suspect about Richard’s true identity. We finally learned what was bothering Duke Buckingham during the banquet where both of them left in secret in order to spend some alone time together without realizing that someone is approaching the house. Who is that mysterious person???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
198/10Awesome episode. Looks like that mysterious person is called Tyrell who resembles the King Henry from house of Lancaster. It seems he is fixated on Buckingham and Richard’s relationship. Meanwhile Richmond is working behind the scenes in an attempt to overthrow Richard. Will he succeed???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
208/10Awesome episode. Looks like things are not looking good for Richard as rumors about him are spreading like wildfire. Tyrell continues to warm up to Buckingham in an attempt to gain his love. As Catsby and Richard leave for York in preparation for the ascension ceremony, Buckingham finally express his wish to Tyrell which was to kill Richard. The tension is now rising. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to see what happens.
218/10Awesome episode. Looks like things are taking a turn for the worst as there seems to be a rebellion group set out to overthrow Richard III. It came as no surprise as Buckingham was behind it after Richard received a letter from him. What will Richard do???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
228/10Awesome episode. Looks like Richard is forced to gather his troops to counter the rebellion group. They both tried to kill each other, however due to their love for each other, they weren’t able to to do so. Quite a sad moment, when Buckingham voluntarily turned himself in and ended up on the Guillotine where Richard is forced to behead him. Will Richard be able to move forward???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
238/10Awesome episode. Looks like things are getting worse for Richard and Richmond has gathered allied forces to overthrow him. Meanwhile his wife is terminally ill and knows about their illegitimate son. How will this war turn out for Richard???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
249/10Awesome episode. I’m really confused about this war. At first it seemed that Richard was winning but the tables turned on him when one of the groups that pledged support turned against him. The most confusing part is when Richmond said Richard rode a white steed when we clearly saw Richard fell off a different horse. Glad to see Richard was rescued by Catsby. Now the question is, who was that person who claims to be Richard???? I guess we will never find out……….

I’m Quitting Heroing:

16/10Good episode. This shows feels like a combination of Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside and The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt except the main character, Leo decides to join the Demon Army which he help defeat however received no recognition from the kingdom he was defending. Let’s see how he fairs after switching sides………
27/10Good episode. Glad to see Leo has contributed a lot for his first day despite looking like he is goofing off. I can see his experience really proves useful for the Demon Army which even surprised Steina as he helped her make her work more efficient. Can’t wait to see him contribute more of his experience to help rebuild the Demon Army.
37/10Good episode. Leo tries to help Lili to improve the way supplies are transported however he had a hard time to get through to her as she really appears immature. Kinda funny seeing Leo going through all the trouble to try get his message across when all had to do was ask. Now the Queen has summoned Leo after he completed that mission. Is it good news or bad news???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
47/10Good episode. We finally learn about the Queen’s true intentions for not going back to Demon World which was pretty noble and made Leo guilty of his past actions towards her kingdom. It seems the Queen is finally starting to trust Leo. Will Leo be able to uphold that trust???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
57/10Good episode. In this week’s episode we take a look at Meines as she seems to have some confidence issue and plans to go on journey which the queen feels uneasy about. Glad to see Leo helping Meines out regain the confidence by working part time in a restaurant to improve his communication skills. Let’s see who else Leo ends up helping in next week’s episode………..
67/10Good episode. We learned a bit more about Meines’s past before he joined the Demon Army. I was actually surprised that Leo actually opened up to Meines about his past which was quite interesting. Now we understand why Leo was quite experienced as he was not a normal human which explains a lot. Seems like something is on the horizon. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
77/10Good episode. Glad to see Leo was able to help motivate Edwald to remain in the army despite having to use some under-handed tricks. It seems the Queen is quite supportive of his actions. Now that he has helped everyone, what will be his next move???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
87/10Good episode. We learn a lot more about Leo’s past where he seems to have befriended a demon who was quite friendly and caring for his well-being despite being captured in the end. How will the Queen react after Leo reveals everything???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. I had a hunch for while regarding how Leo managed to live for so long. Now the Demon Army generals are up against Leo after revealing that he has the Philosopher Stone and challenged them to kill him for it. You can almost sense the feeling of reluctance among them. Will they be able to defeat Leo???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. Looks like Leo its turning into a villain as he seemed really bored being the Hero. The Demon Army generals tried to take him on but were holding back in hopes Leo would listen however their hopes were crushed when Leo ruthlessly attack everyone. Will they be able to stop Leo before he goes on to destroy the world???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
118/10Awesome episode. We learn more about Leo’s past and discovered his true intentions behind him joining the Demon Army when the Queen unleashed her attack on him eventually defeating him. Quite a sad moment, seeing Leo drop dead after learning about the pain he endured over the last 3000 years. Can’t wait to see what the Queen will do with the Philosopher Stone in next week’s final episode.
128/10Awesome episode. Looks like everyone saw through Leo’s plans during their battle. Kinda funny seeing him getting beaten up by everyone for being a jerk. Glad to see he is taking that demon’s advise back in the day to heart and break free from his compulsion after a bit of encouragement from the Queen of the demon army. Quite a happy ending for this series.

Tomodachi Game:

17/10Good episode. This show doesn’t feel as deadly as King’s Game or Darwin’s Game however I assume the trust between friends is the key element at play here in winning the game. Looking at situation so far, it seems like they are all betraying each other. Who will be one to lose???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
27/10Good episode. Glad to see them make through the first round. However there is that air of distrust among them afterwards as someone is being a traitor by trying to dump the debt onto one person however it is not obvious yet. During the second game, at first their friendship appears to be solid. However the situation started to deteriorate as the rounds progress. Who will be the one to lose this round???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. The latest person to break was Yutori after someone revealed her secrets in one of the submissions from the bad-mouth box. She immediately accuses Shiho for betraying her but of course Shiho denies it. It was somewhat revealed to the audience that Tenji was the one who started this whole Tomadachi Game and the one who revealed Yutori’s secret as well as stalking Shiho which was just despicable. Who’s secret will be revealed next???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
48/10Awesome episode. Tenji is showing no signs of remorse after getting his friends involved in the game. The latest victim is Shiho where he volunteered to have his secrets exposed instead of Tenji but it backfired when everyone learned about his father which left him absolutely devastated as everyone began to distance themselves from him. The game is getting pretty intense as it seems Yuichi is plotting something against Tenji. Can’t wait to see how the game progresses………
59/10Awesome episode. Just as when Tenji thought he was able to get away with hiding the fact that he got everyone into joining the game, Yuichi turns the tables on him and somehow manages to get him confess which I find incredible. So far throughout this game, only Yuichi hasn’t been bad-mouthed which makes him quite the mysterious character. Can’t wait to see how the overall game progresses……….
69/10Awesome episode. I was shocked to learned that Yuichi was the one manipulating everyone throughout the game even though it seemed that Tenji was one manipulating the game. Yuichi finally revealed his past which was quite shocking to everyone as he looked like a normal person. He tried to sacrifice himself however Tenji made an unusual confession which was even more shocking and both of them moved on to the next round. Can’t wait to see how the game progresses for those two.
78/10Awesome episode. We learned more about why Tenji got everyone to join the Tomodachi game, it turns out this was his 2nd game. Quite shocking to learn that Shiho was the whole reason why he dragged everyone into the game. It seems Tenji and Yuichi are at a disadvantage in the 3rd game as they are up against a complete group of 5 people. However the management has slipped it an extra party member for Yuichi’s group just to keep an eye on him. How will their fair in the 3rd game???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
88/10Awesome episode. Looks like this game of hide and seek is a lot more difficult for Yuichi’s group because the other team has more people. It seems like this extra party member doesn’t seem to be helping out the team. Tenji offers to be the hider however he still clings on to hope for days in order to regain Yuichi’s trust. However it seems Yuichi might be set to betray him by offering to join the opposing team. Seeing how he managed to expose Tenji in the last game, I’m betting there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s see what tricks does Yuichi have up his sleeve in next week’s episode.
98/10Awesome episode. As I suspected, Yuichi had everything thought out as he planned to break up Group K’s relationships. The way he planned things out and his analytical skills was incredible. Now that Group K is starting to fall apart, will Yuichi’s group be able to win this round???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. It seems Yuichi failed to realize the real player of Group K is Kyo who was even more manipulative than Yuichi. He even managed to convince Maria to betray Yuichi resulting in Group C appearing to lose the 3rd game. Can’t wait to see what happens next……………….
119/10Awesome episode. Once again, Yuichi has surprised everyone when we learned he managed to get Group K’s hider to push the give up button by faking a “torture” of Hyakutaro which granted victory for Group C. It seems things are taking a turn for the worst for the others as they temporarily leave the game area in preparation for the 4th game. It seems Tomodachi is a lot more insidious as Kokorogi is now being held hostage for a bonus game. The suspense is building up fast. Will Yuichi be able to save her???? Can’t wait for next week’s final episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. It turns the bonus game was orchestrated by an impersonator which raises the question on how did they managed to get information on their group. Glad to see Yuichi managed to rescue Kokorogi even though he had ensure so much pain until he passed out at the end which means he won’t be able to continue with the next game. How will Tenji and Kokorogi manage in the next game???? Hopefully we will get a next season to find out.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2:

18/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Rishia is getting used to being in the Shield Hero’s party although she feels more like a support role character after observing how she trains. It seems she still has feelings for Itsuki despite being banished from the Bow’s party and she was willing to improve herself in order to win back Itsuki. Some disturbance has occurred which we learned was caused by the Spirit Tortoise and as usual the other heroes weren’t even bothered to help when requested by the queen. Who was that mysterious character that requested Naofumi to kill her???? Can’t wait to learn more in next week’s episode.
28/10Awesome episode. We learn a bit more about the mysterious character from last episode as well as the Spirit Tortoise. Unfortunately, the kingdoms had some slight disagreement during the meeting in which made Naofumi frustrated. Glad to see he was able to come up with a plan that was agreed upon by the kingdoms. Looks like someone was manipulating the Spirit Tortoise from the side. Who could that person be???? Hopefully we will find out in next week’s episode.
39/10Awesome episode. Unfortunately we still do not know who was controlling the Spirit Tortoise. The battle against the Spirit Tortoise was quite intense as it had some hidden tricks up its sleeve just when Naofumi thought he had everything figured out. Although Raphtalia and Filo managed to slay the Spirit Tortoise, Ost mentions that the battle is over yet. I wonder what will other secrets this Spirit Tortoise holds???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
48/10Awesome episode. We learned a bit more about about Rishia’s past where she was rescued by Itsuki, the Bow Hero. Kinda shocking to learn there was Japanese inscription inside the temple where they worshipped the Spirit Tortoise as well as the entrance to Spirit Tortoise’s heart which indicates the presences of the previous four cardinal heroes. However as Naofumi’s party made their way inside the tunnel towards the Spirit Tortoise’s heart they ran into Glass’s party which caught me off guard as they were in disguises although not that great as Naofumi saw right through them. Now things are starting to get really interesting. I’m beginning to suspect the other heroes may have gotten captured and their souls being used to power the Sprit Tortoise but that is my hunch. Can’t wait to see what happens next……
58/10Awesome episode. We learned from Glass’s party that someone from their world is responsible for breaking the seal on the Spirit Tortoise. L’Arc tries to convince Naofumi to team up but Naofumi refuses which was no surprise and good thing. Glad to see Filo and Raphtalia destroy the Spirit Tortoise’s heart but something doesn’t seem right. We also witnesses the person controlling the Spirit Tortoise who goes by the name of Kyo. It really seems like they have to kill Ost in order to stop the Spirit Tortoise but I have my doubts. Can’t wait to see what Naofumi decides to do in next week’s episode……….
69/10Awesome episode. It seems Naofumi is still hesitant to kill Ost after learning that she was the actual core. Not surprising that the other heroes were captured and their life force was used to drive the Spirit Tortoise. The real MVP was Rishia who really put up a fight against Kyo and save the other heroes. Sad to see Ost sacrifice herself by transferring her power to Naofumi and using it to destroy herself. The journey continues into L’Arc’s world after Kyo escapes via some weird method. Can’t wait to see Naofumi’s journey continue in L’Arc’s world……….
77/10Good episode. This has to be the shortest adventure of the entire series where Naofumi and his party was stuck in the Infinite Labyrinth. It turns out a Cardinal Hero from Glass’s world was stuck here longer than them, Kizuna the Hunting Hero. It seems like when Naofumi crossed into Glass’s world all of his stats and levels was reset therefore he would need to spend sometime to grind. Glad to see they managed to escape the Infinite Labyrinth and into Glass’s world. Kinda curious what happened to Filo???? Did she turn back into an egg similar to Raphtalia since their level affect appearance???? The adventure continues in next week’s episode.
88/10Awesome episode. Good to see them leveling up and earning money. Kinda funny Kizuna, Raphtalia and Rishia playing in snow like little kids. As they made their way to the dragon hourglass, it seems a trap was setup for them. As they tried to teleport to Sikul, Raphtalia was suddenly cut off from the warping which caused Naofumi to panic. I wasn’t surprised that it was Kyo’s doing. Sad to see Raphtalia getting left behind. The adventure continues in next week’s episode.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Naofumi reunite with Filo after a risky undercover break in to the place where she was being held captive. Just curious regarding the rumors of the Shield Hero among the Kizuna’s people. I wonder what the previous Shield Hero do to her people. Looks like Raphtalia was transported somewhere outside of the party’s range. Will Naofumi be able to find her again???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Raphtalia reunite with Naofumi however she was chosen as Katana Vessel Hero which explains why she disappeared from Naofumi’s party screen as well as her slave crest disappearing. However I’m kinda curious how did Glass’s party end up in the same prison as her????? This is quite a skip in the episode. Now they are reunited, they can go after Kyo. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
118/10Awesome episode. Now we get to see Kyo’s true intentions after witnessing his experiments caused the wave countdown timer to accelerate and eventually triggering the wave. Quite curious what he actually did in his experiment in order to trigger the wave. Will they be able to hold out during the wave since its Kizuna’s first time???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. We get a glimpse of Naofumi and Kyo’s past in the real world which was quite interesting. Quite a heart wrenching moment when Naofumi loses control of himself when he used the Wrath Shield. Luckily Rishia was able to bring him to his sense and they defeated Kyo together however I do not believe he died. Can’t wait to see their journey continue in next week’s final episode.

The Dawn of the Witch:

17/10Good episode. One thing that stands out is Sabyl who seems to be only student not doing well at the academy. We learned that he can cast magic spells however he doesn’t seem to have full control which leads me to believe that there must be some hidden power dwelling inside of him. It seems like trouble was brewing when he was out with Roux and Holt. Roux ran off first followed by Holt and Sabyl but what they saw was a gruesome scene. What exactly transpired here???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
28/10Awesome episode. So much was going on here, first of all we learned that Holt was betraying the group however her resolve seems shaky at best. We learned Kodd actually saving the people he was escorting when it seems he was just abandoning them. We also learned that the church was after Roux’s staff however Sabyl ended up being drawn to it and his power being used to take out those pursuers from the church. Glad to see they are all safe and traveling together. What else will we learn on their journey. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. Good to see no one is blaming Holt for her betrayal and she seems to get along with Sabyl but he doesn’t seem to grasp it. Glad to see Kodd’s hands restored after Professor Los(a.k.a Roux) did her magic incantation. Who was that mysterious person that worked at the church???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
47/10Awesome episode. Looks like the village they ended up in was under the control of a certain witch. The priest seemed suspicious and soon after we learned the identity of the witch after Sabyl and Roux fell of the priest’s trap. Will they be able to get out and rescue the rest of their party???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
57/10Awesome episode. It turns out they were being tested by none other than author of the grimoire, Princess Zero who also happens to be related to Sabyl. We learned a bit about Sabyl’s past which was quite tragic. Now since they have passed the test, they are now assigned to that town where they have to setup shop and take on requests from the people. This also marks the end of Roux’s journey as she was only the escort however it seems the rest have grown attached to her. Can’t wait to see what other adventures await the expedition team……..
67/10Good episode. Glad to see everyone doing well in serving the townspeople. Not sure if Sabyl’s lack of his past memory is making him appear clueless about almost everything. The fact he just simply does what he is told kinda makes me worried for his well-being as pointed out by the priest. Noticed he does seem to open up a bit at the end. Hopefully all goes well for Sabyl in next week’s episode.
78/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Sabyl save Laios from dying after being attacked by a monster while they were out adventuring. Even though Sabyl doesn’t seem to have the desire to become a mage, I can tell he is more suited to be an adventurer., Hopefully he will gain more self-confidence after this incident. It seems the enemy has made their move. Who is behind it all???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
88/10Awesome episode. We learn a bit more Sabyl after he was kidnapped from the village and tortured by Tyrant. It turns out they were being tested by their school which didn’t sit well with them. Since Tyrant failed to bring back one of the students, he was forced to serve them in the village which Hort opposes. Glad to se they came up with a compromise. This is starting to get interesting. Will they get stronger to defend the village???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
97/10Good episode. Looks like Sabyl is starting to remember his past self which was quite painful. I was surprised that he was related to Zero after she explained about herself and her brother who happens to be Sabyl’s father. It seems the church’s higher ups have sent a rebel into the village to prolly cause chaos but failed miserably. It seems odd in my opinion. What is the end goal of whoever is behind it???? Can’t wait to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. It seems they not only sent a rebel(Kady) to the village but inside him was a remnant of chaos. It seems Hort was hesitant to kill him as she was hoping he was able to come through or knock him ot. But alas they were forced to kill him as the monster had taken over this entire body which is kinda sad. Now it seems they are more than determined to find out who is the mastermind behind this. Can’t wait to see what they will do in next week’s episode.
117/10Good episode. Looks like preparation is underway for war against the church extremists which includes evacuating the villagers as the war will take place there. Kinda heartwarming seeing Louis giving Sabyl some words of encouragement. How will this war turn out???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.

Dance Dance Danseur:

17/10Good episode. It seems like Junpei is conflicted whether to do ballet or Jeet Kune Do. Judging from his friends in school, they all expect him to go with the latter. Miyako manages to convince Junpei to come to her mom’s studio where both of them were stunned by Junpei’s natural talent after he pulls off some moves. It seems his mother has caught on to Junpei’s indecisiveness. Which one will Junpei pursue???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
27/10Good episode. Now we know what was Chizuru’s reasons of inviting Junpei to perform in the upcoming event. We also found out who was that mysterious character at the end of the last episode. Ruou turns out to be Miyako’s cousin who seems to be shut-in kind of person as we learned he never attended school. Glad to see some rivalry between Junpei and Ruou after Chizuru introduced them. Can’t to see how this will play out.
37/10Good episode. Not sure what prompted Ruou to attend school, but due to lack of social skills he was always being bullied by his classmates although he doesn’t fight back. The bullying only seemed to get worst after they learned about his past which makes me more curious about his past. After that stunning ballet performance in front of everyone in school, he was still being bullied however Junpei came to his defense but it came at the price of Junpei’s friends abandoning him which is kinda sad. Glad to see he was more fired up to learn ballet. Can’t wait to see how this will turn out.
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Junpei determined to learn ballet with support from his mother. It seems Ruou is not willing to work together with him despite being the catalyst for Junpei to take up ballet. After Ruou saw how determined Junpei was in ballet, he finally began to open to him. Can’t wait to see them work together.
58/10Awesome episode. We finally get to see Junpei, Ruou and Miyako perform on stage. Glad to see they managed to excite the audience so much so they were chanting for an encore. Their performance also managed to impress his classmates who was there watching. Can’t wait to see the results of their performance in next week’s episode………
67/10Good episode. Due to Junpei changing up the choreography, Luou was not chose as an MVP. To add insult to injury, the judge specifically called out Chizuru’s ballet school which prompted many parents to withdraw their children. Junpei dragged Luou to join a summer camp where Junpei finally realizes his true weakness. Good to see he acknowledge his weakness to Luou. Hopefully those two will make it through.
77/10Good episode. Glad to see Junpei showing improvement with his ballet although is still got a long way to go. Looks like they made new friends during the training camp and we get to see a slight taste of their goals with ballet. Not surprisingly Luou has the biggest ambitions among everyone there. Can’t wait to see more of their progress……..
77/10Good episode. It seems Junpei and Natsuki have similar traits when it comes to ballet as evident when they were paired up as part of the training. Kinda funny seeing thoses two going all out up until they misjudge their distance and hit the wall. Junpei and Miyako expresses their love for each other. How will Luou react???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
87/10Good episode. Now we learned what transpired between Chizuru and Ayako. It seems there is conflict of ideals between Japanese ballet and Russian ballet leaving Junpei having to make a difficult decision either accept the scholarship offer for SS class and forced to train Japanese ballet or reject the offer and continue training under Chizuru for Russian ballet. How will he handle this???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
97/10Good episode. It seems Junpei and Natsuki have similar traits when it comes to ballet as evident when they were paired up as part of the training. Kinda funny seeing thoses two going all out up until they misjudge their distance and hit the wall. Junpei and Miyako expresses their love for each other. How will Luou react???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
107/10Good episode. We learned a bit about Luou’s past when he was with grandmother. I must say her grandmother is so obsessed in trying to train Luou to be as good as Mazuru-san whilst neglecting his educations and basic needs. It explains a lot about his personality up until now. Now that she has dementia, part of me wants to feel sorry for her. As Junpei tries to convince him to comeback, Miyako seems to have other plans. Can’t wait for next week’s final episode.
118/10Awesome episode. It seems Luou and Junpei decided to go their separate ways in pursuit of ballet. Quite refreshing seeing Junpei trying his best to gain the scholarship despite arriving late and soaking wet. Glad to see Ayako giving Junpei giving him the scholarship on the one condition he cut all ties with Chizuru which is kinda harsh. Good to see Junpei being happy with his decision.


18/10Awesome episode. Ashito’s character I would say reminds me a lot of Hinata and Asta. His play style is somewhat solo and the fact his teammates accepted and adapted to it allowed their team to almost win if Ashito did not headbutt their opponent after he ridiculed him for his play style and his family. It was exciting when Tatsuya invited him for the tryouts in Tokyo and his family was supportive despite initially objecting due to their financial situation. Can’t wait to see how he fairs in the tryouts.
28/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ashito to play as a team during the tryouts although it was at the last minute during their tryout match which surprised everyone. He realizes that he couldn’t do it all by himself but requires that precise opening which he manages to pull off with help from his teammates. Will he make it past the first selection???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
38/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ashito made it pass the first selection. However things didn’t turn out well during their match against Youth team which continues to lower the team’s morale. Just as all hope was lost, Tatsuya reveals something about the Youth’s team lineup. Will they be able to turn the match around???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
48/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ashito managed to make it into the team after such nerve-wrecking match. We get a glimpse of Ashito’s hidden potential as turn the match around and scored a goal at the last minute. I really like his humbleness during the interview where he shows appreciation for his mom and brother despite their financial situation. Can’t wait to see him grow in his goal to becoming a pro.
59/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Ashito’s mother finally supporting him in pursuing his goal of being a pro soccer player despite their financial situation. Good to see his friends waiting at the station to send him off despite Ashito not telling them when he will be leaving for Tokyo. Quite a heartwarming moment when Ashito read the letter from his mother while was on the train to Tokyo so much so that I almost cried at the end. Ashito’s journey to becoming a pro soccer player has officially begun……….
67/10Good episode. We meet up with the rest of the team at the dorms each with their unique personality especially the one who arrived late. I feel kinda angry when Nozomi was doubting Ashito’s talent and expresses his desire to not let him succeed which Ashito overheard. Good to see Hana backing him up. Let’s see how well they do in their first soccer match as a team………
78/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ashito has hit a roadblock during the first soccer match. Now we know what Nozomi was referring to when he said that Ashito in his current can never go pro. It seems he is ball skills as well as situation awareness is lacking. Hopefully he will be able to overcome it.
87/10Good episode. Kinda sad seeing Ashito struggling throughout their training. It was made worst when he was being ignored throughout the match. He also lacks the basic skills which further frustrates him. Glad to see the people his friends are willing to help him including his own roommate. Will he able to turn things around and bring himself out of the slumps???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. Glad to see his roommate helped him point out his flaws. Just when Ashito managed to improve himself it seems he has hit another roadblock during their practice match against the A team. Will he be able to overcome it???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
107/10Good episode. It seems Ashito has a lot of things to do in order to improve himself. He tries to find out the reason but it turned into argument between his teammates which is quite frustrating. I can tell its going to take some time for Ashito can find the answer which Tatsuya purposely told Nozomi not to reveal to him. Will Ashito be able to find the answer in order to win this upcoming match???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
119/10Awesome episode. Good to see Ashito overcoming another one of his shortcomings. Looks like Ashito is finally starting to connect with Asari and Kuroda via eye contact which was pretty awesome that even their opponent was caught off guard as they managed to score 2 goals within a short time. Will they be able to turn the match around with the time remaining???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
129/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Esperion winning their match against Seikyo despite the very limited time remaining. They are finally looking a proper soccer team. Good to see Ashito fully grasping the importance of teamwork in soccer. Kinda funny seeing Hana unable to express her feelings to Ashito when she handed the ball to him. As they celebrate their victory, Anri offers to help Ashito with image training where she asks him to analyze Kuribayashi’s movements and tell her what he would do in his place. A strange feeling now overcomes Ashito……….What could he be thinking???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.

Spy x Family:

18/10Awesome episode. Lord Forger(a.k.a Twilight) seems to everything is like disposable asset until one of his missions involved enrolling a child into a school. Quite funny seeing how he had to read books on how to raise a child after adopting Anya for her intelligence and mind-reading capability. After overcoming that hurdle and his adopted daughter managed to pass the entrance exam, the school requires Lord Forger to attend a family interview in which he has to find a wife. The way this family has come together had me laughing. Can’t wait to see how he pulls this off.
29/10Awesome episode. I was surprised he was able to find a wife candidate that quickly. But then again their interests did align with each other with their ”daughter” seeing through Lord Forger’s lies. I was laughing at the way he proposed to her while being ambushed by assailants. Can’t to wait to see how the preparation for family interview goes in next week’s episode……….
38/10Awesome episode. Kinda funny seeing how Twilight was struggling to train both his ”wife” and ”daughter” for the family interview as their response weren’t indicative of being in an actual family. I was shocked that it took simple outing in order to train them. Glad to see that they are now looking like a family but will they be able to pass the family interview???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out………..
48/10Awesome episode. I love how the headmaster was trying everything in the book to try slip up the Forger’s family during the entrance exam. However things started to get heated during the family interview where one of the home master ended up provoking Twilight but ended up getting punched by the headmaster. Did the Forger’s pass the test???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
58/10Awesome episode. It turns the Forger’s family did not pass the test initially leaving them disappointed however it seems the headmaster intervened and Anya got accepted a few days later. Not sure why Twilight called for such an unusual gathering at an empty castle but it was kinda funny anyways. Can’t wait to see how Anya fairs in the school she was accepted to.
68/10Awesome episode. Looks like Twilight had everything planned for Anya. However things did not go as planned as Anya ended up attacking the target’s son after being bullied repeatedly. Glad to see her newly found friend defended her actions but it was not enough to prevent her from getting a bad mark on her record. Will Twilight be able to achieve is mission objective???? Can’t wait to see his progress in next week’s episode.
78/10Awesome episode. Seems like Twilight is trying everything in his power to get Anya to apologize to Lord Damian. However it didn’t turn out as expected as he freaked out which kinda funny to see. Honestly I think he has feeling for Anya just that he couldn’t say out loud. The trio are really starting to look like a real family. Can’t wait to see how Anya progresses at school…………
88/10Awesome episode. Looks like Yor’s brother, Yuri has discovered their marriage and decides to pay them a visit. Kinda funny seeing those two tried so hard to get the other to slip up. Essentially both Yuri and Twilight are spies therefore it was amusing to see their way of thinking. Will Twilight be able to prove his love for Yor???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
98/10Awesome episode. Looks like Twilight was able to cover for Yor when she couldn’t kiss him in front of her brother. Kinda funny seeing her smack Yuri into the wall multiple times without waking up Anya. Will they be able to keep this up from her brother Yuri???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
108/10Awesome episode. Not sure why but I find their training for a simple dodge ball game is quite hilarious. It only became more funnier during the game, where Lord Damian took the hit for Anya only for her to fail miserably at returning the shot. Almost got distracted in regards to the real reason why Anya was enrolled in the school. Can’t wait see what else lies in store for Forger family.
117/10Good episode. Glad to see Anya managed to get a Stella star after rescuing a drowning boy(well somewhat rescue). Kinda funny seeing Forger trying every means possible in order to get Anya into the elite group. Now that Anya has a Stellar star, is the Forger’s mission finally progressing? Can’t wait to see what else lies in store for the Forger family……..
128/10Awesome episode. Glad to see Forger managed to carry out his mission despite the challenge of keeping the illusion of a happy family in front of his neighbours as well as confrontation from his enemy. I can’t imagine myself doing this during a family outing. Very funny to see him go to absurd lengths to fulfill his mission. Although both Twilight and Yor are still terrible at being parents for their children where they couldn’t tell she was just acting out scenes from her favorite spy show. Oh well, at least they made it up by following along with her acting which was hilarious. Can’t wait to see what else lies in store in the 2nd cour.

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody:

38/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ard ended up going on a double date with the two allies he teamed up with at the academy. Kinda of funny seeing him trying to resist his teenage desires. Not sure what the demon’s intention was in attempting to kidnap Ard and his friends but they were no match as Ard took them out quickly. I also find it hilarious the queen has taken quite a liking to him for his heroic deeds even though his purpose of reincarnating was to be a normal person. Can’t wait to see what other adventure awaits Ard………..
48/10Awesome episode. Looks like Ard has gotten himself in a bit of a bind with Ireena after constantly being asked out by other girls from the academy. Professor Jessica seems a bit suspicious after inviting Ginny and Ireena in the upcoming event. Soon after we learned her true motives when she revealed her true identity. It seems like Demons have infiltrated quite extensively. What will Ard do after he learns Ireena was kidnapped???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
57/10Good episode. We also learned the reason why Ireena was kidnapped as she was to be used as a sacrifice due to her bloodline. The demon tried to taunt Ard by revealing Ireena’s secret but that didn’t faze him. Glad to see Ard managed to defeat the demon and stopped her plans from going through. Let’s see how their relationship goes down the road………
67/10Good episode. Looks like Ard has landed himself in a bit of a sticky situation when someone from his past life approached him and questions him being the reincarnation of the Demon Lord which he denied. Good thing he was able to defend himself during their duel in front of all his classmates. Kinda feeling uncomfortable about the attractions they were about to put on during the school festival. Who was that mysterious character at the beginning and end of the episode???? I can only speculate is another enemy from his past life. Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
77/10Good episode. Nothing much going on here other than Ard “patrolling” with Irene as well as getting involved in the festival. The most funniest part is during his battle against Olivia where he accidentally used a defensive magic spell which flung her out of the arena disqualifying him from the tournament. Looks like the enemy has yet to make a move. Can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode.
87/10Good episode. We learned quite a lot about Ard and Slyphy regarding their past life during the play which was quite interesting. Glad to see Ard save Slyphy from being controlled by enemy although he had to transform into his former self which I presume is so that he can wield the sword in order to defeat the enemy. Hopefully all is good after that incident……..
97/10Good episode. Looks like their field trip turned into a time travel adventure. The real question who casted that spell and why only Ard, Irina and Ginny are affected. Lots of deja vu so far. What will happen when Ard meets his past self???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
107/10Good episode. It seems nothing significant happened when Ard met his past self however it appears the history was rewritten in a way where there the Demon Lord was actually someone else. It seems even highest Demon was defeated by this mysterious Demon Lord as Ard ended up meeting him face to face. Who is the identity of the this ”Demon Lord”???? Can’t wait for next week’s episode to find out.
118/10Awesome episode. Looks like this “Demon Lord” was actually Ard himself so it begs the question, something went wrong with his reincarnation???? Did he accidentally create two of himself during reincarnation. Now that they locked in a dual against each other, who will come out on top???? Can’t wait next week’s final episode to find out.
128/10Awesome episode. It turns out when Ard reincarnated himself, he inadvertently created an alter ego of himself which explains why the “Demon Lord” would have the same memories as Ard. Glad to see he finally defeating the “Demon Lord” thus allowing him to return to their present time along with Irina and Ginny. Although the battles could have used a bit more punch as it was pretty stale as it is. Good to see them have a happy ending although Ard no longer has immortality due to the destruction of the vessel.
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