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Fall Season Anime 2019 Reviews

Hi everyone. As we are approaching the end of the Fall Season, I’ll be providing a very brief reviews of the anime shows ending during the Fall Season that I have reviewed so far. How will this brief review work? I will rate both the Japanese Dub and Dub on a scale of 1 to […]

Fall Season Anime 2019 Selections

Hey everyone, Due to popular demand on VRV(a.k.a Crunchyroll) of people wanting to know my anime selections, I have decided to share my list for this fall anime season(This list will be updated as I add new shows to the list). You can also view my list here I will list them accordingly based on […]

Kyoto Animation studio attacked by arson

Today we witnessed an unfortunate incident affecting the anime industry. This is regarding the arson attack at Kyoto Animation studios. According to news reports from Japan, a man stormed into the studio and started pouring flammable liquid throughout the studio before setting the place on fire. So far we can confirm that there are causalities […]

April 2019 Update

Hi guys, it has been almost 6 months since I have provided an update as I have been busy with work as well as anime reviews and gameplay videos for SAO: Fatal Bullet and Pokemon Let’s Go. I have a few announcements to make regarding my plans for this year. New Gameplay Videos for 2019 […]