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August 2018 Update

Hi guys, it has been almost 2 months since I didn’t post anything on my blog as I have been busy with my new job however rest assured there are gameplay videos planned in the coming weeks. Let us go over the highlights what has happened in the world of gaming and everything else that […]

Free Update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming in Mid-February

Today we receive news from Nintendo that a free update (1.3.0) is coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The last update which was released a bit earlier than usual brought new quests to the game which I managed to complete most of them while trying to beat the main storyline.

December 2017 Update

Hi guys. First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of videos on my YouTube channel as I was pretty busy with my Final Year Project and other university related matters. However, I manage to slip in some hours in SAO: Hollow Realization and hopefully the same goes for SAO Re: Hollow […]