VPN Access

In order to access the services listed on our portal, you must on the Faiz Corporation Approved Networks. However, we also offer VPN access to our network if the need arises.

The request for usage of the VPN is subjected to approval therefore a request must be made to [email protected] Instructions will be provided via email on how to configure your devices.

Kindly take note that by using/accessing our VPN/Network, you agree to adhere to the Faiz Corporation IT Policy as well as any other provisions that may be in place.

The current VPN protocols available for our network:

  • OpenVPN
  • WireGuard (Currently in Beta-Testing phase therefore it may not be available all the time)
  • ZeroTier

Any issues with the VPN service, please forward them to [email protected]

Recommended OpenVPN Clients:

Windows Client:

MacOS Client:

Android Client:

iOS Client: